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(Or: Where I eat humble pie.)

So as it turns out, OHSS is kicking my ass. I have talked with my clinic numerous times, and with each discussion they’ve said: Yeah, given your E2 levels and number of follicles, I’d be surprised if you DIDN’T have some sort of symptoms.

Would have been nice to have the warning at trigger – hey, Serenity, you are probably going to feel like crap two days after retrieval.


The symptoms do remain mild – abdominal pain, nausea relieved by puking and diarrhea. I’m actually DOWN a lb (probably because I can’t really, you know, EAT). No change in urine output. No shortness of breath. Etc.

So they’re not all that concerned.

And when my doctor called… after I told him I hated him and he laughed and told me he was thankful he was not a woman…

He told me that this was WHY he wanted to be aggressive with my protocol.

He really wanted us to be able to do a day 5 single blastocyst transfer.

Apparently, it seems, my clinic has really stringent requirements in order to go to blast. You need 6 essentially PERFECT embryos at day 2.

And as of today?

Out of the 19 that fertilized…

… there were only 8 that made that grade.

Probably because my E2 levels fried some of the eggs. And, I mean, honestly, I’m 35. And the took 28 eggs, of which ALL of them couldn’t have made perfect embryos.

But good GOD I feel so much better knowing that we won’t have leftover embryos in the double digits.

I know that we could lose a couple in the next couple of days, too.

So apparently my doctor actually knows what he’s doing.

And really?

I just want one good chance of getting pregnant.



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  1. Things are looking good bar the OHSS obviously.

  2. Yes just one good chance. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Jeez. Hope you feel better. And, I’m glad to hear that there won’t be double-digit embabies (which seems funny to write, but I know that you don’t want to have a ton left over).

    I spent a lot of time thinking about frozen embryos (back when I had 2 and then when I mistakenly thought this would EVER be an issue I would face). They are your genes, your babies…and it would be really hard to throw them away or give them away. I put it in the back of my head and tried not to think about it…but after all that I have been through…they are living things…that should be honred the same way a baby would b/c of their potential to be babies. Sigh. I’m sure that this is a REALLY helpful train of though for your concerns.

    Keep healing and get read for a day 5 blast!!!

  4. Those tricky doctors, knowing what they’re doing 🙂 It sounds like you’ll be able to be very picky about which embryo goes back, which is fantastic! And hopefully having a couple extra days to recover from the OHSS will make the transfer more pleasant too. Fingers crossed.

  5. Looks like you will get at least one good chance which, in reality, is all it takes.

    I hope that by continuing to hydrate and flush your system that you are feeling much improved soon.

  6. I hope you are literally swimming in Gatorade right now. It was the only thing that seemed to help me. Hope you feel better soon. It sounds awful.

    I’m also glad that your doc was so smart as to plan to get past the strict protocol. And I’m glad you won’t have tons of leftover embies to worry about. But I do hope you end up with a couple of frosties, just for insurance. I found I was able to stress less about this last cycle knowing that we had two that had been frozen.


  7. I’m so glad that you’re feeling better about this, even if you’re not feeling physically better in the least!

    But I’ve also come to say thank you … blogging and joining this community has been such an amazing gift for me, meeting women whose journeys and whose perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds and craptastic circumstances have both humbled and inspired me. Serenity, you are absolutely one of those women. I’m rooting, with all of my heart, for that one good chance for you. *hug*

  8. Sounds like you are still in the running for that one good chance. Sorry to hear about the OHSS, but hopefully it will stay mild and you get enough good blasts for that single blast transfer.

  9. So the embryo numbers are looking less exorbitant. But I’m sorry about the OHSS – that’s no fun at all. Hopefully symptoms will stay mild and will start to improve soon.


  10. Been keeping you in my thoughts! xoxo

  11. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping it’s smooth sailing for you from her out!

    • *here (pls excuse my typo!)

  12. Oof. OHSS sounds pretty miserable. But I’m glad you’re happy with the grading.

  13. I am thinking you have a great chance… Hugs!

  14. I hope you are feeling ok with the OHSS and that one of those embies is your chance.

  15. serenity, I’m so pleased at the numbers, that’s really impressive. Would you have a conversation with the docs about the oHSS if you haven’t already? My understanding is you are less likely to get pregnant on an OHSS cycle as your body isn’t in good shape for it. I could well be wrong, but worth a conversation to see if you should freeze and wait for the next cycle to transfer?

  16. I’m sorry you feel icky, but I am VERY VERY glad that those numbers look good. I am extremely HOPEFUL for you my sweet. ❤

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