Spoke too soon.

January 21, 2011 at 9:13 am | Posted in IVF #4: I'm STILL doing this? | 11 Comments

I think it was because I started progesterone yesterday.

But by the end of the workday, my pants were too tight.

And by the end of dinner, I felt nauseated and dizzy. And the pressure in my abdomen was awful – painful.

All night I fought the nausea and pain. I didn’t want to take anything because I was afraid I’d puke it up.

This morning I gave in to the issues – puked AND had diarrhea – (thankfully not at the same time.)

From the googling I did, this looks like a mild to moderate case of OHSS. Fortunately I haven’t gained a significant amount of weight – holding steady at +2lbs from retrieval day.

But I feel like ASS, though better than I did overnight when I was trying not to get sick.

(Note to self: ALWAYS puke. It helps.)

I am home today, resting, drinking water and gatorade and taking it easy.



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  1. Damn!! Sorry you are feeling awful! Feel better soon!

  2. UG! That s-u-c-k-s! Feel better. (I *hate* puking…)

  3. OHSS SUCKS! Hang in there, girl. I’m sending you all the best hopes in the world!!!

  4. It sucks! I hope you feel better soon! HUGS

  5. You should definitely call your clinic, explain your symptoms, and go in for an u/s and blood level check. If it is OHSS you want to have your ovaries monitored but you also want to determine if it is moderate or severe OHSS (as treatment may be different).

    I am sorry you are so sick and I hope it resolves on it’s own quickly.

  6. Sending you good thoughts and hopefully this is just mild OHSS!

  7. Ugh, that sounds awful! I hope things settle down soon.

  8. Salty foods! I gained more than 12 lbs last cycle and I’m convinced the only way I made it to transfer is salt, salt, salt and gatorade!

  9. oh sweetie, I hope you feel soon. FEEL BETTER, sending all those vibes to you.

  10. ugh. I hope you feel better soon … saltines? 😦

  11. I just found your blog and wanted to send you luck. I know OHSS is a miserable thing to feel! Please feel better and good luck with your transfer 🙂

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