Lucky Number 13?

January 25, 2011 at 10:00 am | Posted in IVF #4: I'm STILL doing this?, Stuck with You (aka: Family) | 12 Comments

So J and I have always named our embryos that we’ve transferred.

We’ve named our embryos alphabetically. We had Alfred and Beatrice, the two day three embryos from IVF #1.

Our first blastocyst transfer, on a FET where we thawed a day three embryo and cultured it to day five?

That was Homer.

On O’s cycle, we transferred Jack-Jack and Indiana Jones.

(Though J insists that he named the embryo-that-became-O “Jesus” instead. Despite the fact that I nixed Jesus multiple times during my pregnancy.)

As we waited for the nurse to come and take us back to the transfer room yesterday, it struck us.

This embryo was our thirteenth.

We named it Moe. For no reason other than Moe is easy to say.

But I did mention to J: Wouldn’t it be neat if 13 was our lucky number?

In my head, I have been trying to think of Moe as lucky number 13.


My sister called me close to 8am this morning. Her retrieval was at 6am, which she made it through with flying colors.

She is sore, but okay.

And they got thirteen eggs.

I wish I had the emotional reserves to, you know, take HOPE from it.

I mean, I’m not hopeLESS.

I’m just not really feeling much of anything, one way or another.

Which, you know, is FINE. Can’t influence the outcome of the cycle one way or another.

But I’m going to post this anyway.

Because I really do hope that 13 is lucky for BOTH my sister and me.



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  1. I love your names! (especially Jack Jack and Indiana Jones). We named ours too (I like to assume that Attia is the one that gave us Willow).

    You know, infertility is so unlucky already–why can’t we have our Number 13 be lucky, eh?!

    Here’s hoping for the both of you!

  2. I hear ya w/ not feeling too hopeful or connected to the process. And, I don’t really believe that there is anything we can do or any sign that foretells a good embryo.

    Come on, Moe!!

    I’ve named our embabies, too, but I’m not so sure I have the heart to do it if we have any embryos this time.

  3. Oh, I hope so too….

    waiting with you.

  4. I hope you have twin cousins.
    I hope that thirteen is lucky for you.
    I hope that you never have to do an FET
    I hope…

  5. Oh wow, Serenity. I hope it’s lucky #13 for both of you, too. That would be wonderful to have cousins so close together.

    I’m rooting for Moe. And for your sister.


  6. Wishing both of you all the best.

  7. Go lil’ number 13! 🙂 Best wishes!

  8. I only had 9 eggs retrieved and only 8 were workable — my RE prefers a “simmering” approach — so I will be hopeful for your sister. : ) And for you, even if you’d rather hold hope at a distance.

  9. Definitely hoping that 13 is the lucky number for both of you. Will be keeping fingers crossed on both outcomes for sure!


  10. Lucky 13 indeed! I have lots of hope for you! And absolute faith; I dunno why. Something just tells me this is right. So you hang in there and know that I have tons of hope for both of us. *hugs*

  11. I am hope, hope, hoping too that 13 is the lucky number for you both x

  12. 13 is lucky…I am hopeful for both of you.

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