Weekend recap.

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O had a breakthrough on Saturday.

We have never had a successful bouncy house experience. My cautious, look-before-you-leap kid seemed to WANT to go into a bouncy house, but never managed the courage.

But on Saturday, we met his friend from daycare for a playdate at Monkey Joe’s – which is nothing more than a huge room FILLED with bouncies of all kinds.

Though it took him a full hour to try one, he finally went into the under-three section bouncy area.

And once he figured out that he could fall – and it wouldn’t hurt! – he was like a madman. Went onto nearly EVERY other bouncy in the place, even the one which was 500 feet tall and required rappelling gear.

(Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.)

Hardest thing for me was to let my kid go into the one where you couldn’t SEE him once he was inside.

But you know, kids look after each other. He must have gotten into a scary part, because after 6 hours 10 minutes of nail-biting when I couldn’t even catch a glimpse of him, I saw a bigger kid helping him out.

I nearly kissed the little kid who helped him out.

But after a hug from me? He went right back in. And for the rest of the day, talked about the ZOOM! of going down the slides.

It was pretty awesome to see him conquer something I know he’s wanted to do for a really long time.


When J and I drive anywhere, and there’s been silence for a bit, I’ll ask him “What are you thinking about?”

Yesterday was my niece E’s baptism. And because of scheduling issues, J and I decided that he’d go out for the church service, and O and I would come later for the post-baptism lunch.

So O and I got into the car around 10am, and were driving down the highway. There was a little lull, and then I heard from the backseat:

What are you thinking, Mommy?

It was really cute.

And so I told him what I was thinking about.

Work, I said. What are you thinking about?

He said: School.

And then we had a conversation about what he liked best at school: The castle where the cars could go ZOOM! down the ramp. (It seems that ZOOM! is his new favorite word, huh?)


When did he get to be such a big kid?


Negative on an internet cheapy test this morning. No shadow of a line, either.

I know it’s early – it’s two days before my beta, so I’m not really throwing in the towel yet.

But I don’t have warm fuzzies, either.


We’re supposed to get a crazy snowstorm (seriously, yet again? I have no idea where we’re going to PUT all this snow) from Tuesday into Wednesday.

I don’t relish the idea of a white-knuckle drive into Boston in wintry mix to get my blood drawn, so I called my nurse to see if I could reschedule.

I can’t go in on Thursday because of work – we have our earnings call that morning at 8am, so I need to be here by 7, which is the earliest they open.

So I’m trying to reschedule for Friday morning.

My current plan is to use my one FRER on Wednesday morning. If it’s negative, then I’ll stop my progesterone then. They’ll be able to get their confirmation on Friday then.


Our follow up with my RE is scheduled for next Thursday – 2/10. Which means we take a break in February from cycling, and do a FET in March sometime.

I can’t even think of sitting in his office yet again, so thankfully J is going to come with me.

And honestly, I’m thinking of throwing in the towel forever if we don’t get pregnant in the next cycle. I am more than done with this whole process.

I want to move on.



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  1. Jeez, another snow storm??? Hope its not all the way down in NJ (OK, sorry, back to you).

    That’s so cute about O. It’s great to see them overcoming fears and growing!!

    I hope the best for you! But can understand wanting to throw in the f’ing towel.

  2. Those are some of the best moments, when you see your child change and grow! Good for him! (My son was same way–we had to wait until he was like 4 before he finally understood those bouncy things)

    I am sooo sick of snow. I have no idea where we are going to put it either. Thinking of exporting it.

    Actually, the first thing I thought of (really!) was what about Serenity’s beta on Wednesday! (Okay, it was second thing I thought, first thing was a curse word). Glad you are prepared. And I get the throwing in the towel feeling–but I am going to hang on to hope for you!!

  3. I’m staying positive for you, S.


  4. I’m holding on to hope for you too.

    Also, I love the car convo you had with O. My son turned 3 at the end of December, and lately we have these conversations that make my head spin. He’s such a person, with ideas and opinions and likes and dislikes, and honestly, it takes my breath away.

  5. Hoping here too.

  6. I am so glad to hear that that an FET is in your future (I read your previous posts to mean that even that was iffy) depending on the outcome of this cycle.

    I am sorry for the negative HPT but as someone who has had a bad history with them, I’ll withhold judgment until beta.

  7. I love this new little personality emerging in O. It feels like he really cares about people … and funny, I’ve just been thinking the same thing about I.

    I’m sorry that the HPT didn’t give you any hope … and sorry, too, about the stupid snowstorm on its way … stay safe in all of this mess, and take care of yourself, in ALL the ways that one could mean it.


  8. Good luck battling the snow. Will be waiting to see what Wed’s test brings – should be a bit more accurate, although the negative so far is disappointing.

    O is definitely coming along well, though.


  9. I love it when they turn the questions right around!

    Will definitely be keeping everything crossed for Wednesday. Glad you won’t be risking your safety for a beta.

  10. I hope you have an answer soon so you’ll know in which direction you’ll be moving. I don’t have to say which direction I hope it is.


    And: Yay, O! As hard as that age can be at times, the good times are awesome. 🙂

  11. I’m so glad O had his breakthrough, because while GIO goes on EVERYTHING in those places, Jacob just supervises, he will “CHEER ON” every single kid, “Yea Gio, you did it”, “Yea for K, she went down the slide” etc..but he never ever ever wants to go on, get on, slide down, jump in/on anything. It’s actually driving John quite crazy (maybe I should blog it) but he loves the wiffle ball/baseball things there, he loves to dance around those big open spaces and “perform” I think he’s just taking his time.

    I am sorry about the neg…as I hve been, since you told me. I only have hugs for you.

    and the “what are you thinking” well that just warmed my heart. I love that story and how our little boys, can actually have conservations with us. 🙂

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