March 5, 2011 at 10:20 pm | Posted in My life | 10 Comments

J and O and I got on an airplane on Thursday afternoon to fly to Florida.

We’re visiting with my family – my grandparents, two uncles and an aunt.

And despite the toddler freakout at JFK when we were hurrying to catch our plane, where I ended up carrying a kicking, screaming, hitting, crying, yelling almost-three year old sideways while J schlepped all our stuff… it’s been a GREAT TRIP.

The sun. Oh, the sun.

It’s 80 degrees here – low of 60 overnight.

And have I mentioned the sun?

The first morning, I ran to the beach and back. Well, run is a loose term – I jogged to the beach, then stopped for a bit, then run/walked back to the house.

(Yeah, I’m THAT out of shape. Really, REALLY need to get back into it.)

But what got me through was that I kept telling myself “it’s a vacation run.” Which made me slow down and enjoy it more.

And we’ve done stuff, too, as a family. We went to Corkscrew Swamp yesterday before nap, then the beach after nap. This morning we went to the beach before nap. During nap, I spent an HOUR doing laps in the pool downstairs.

It is magic.

Part of me thinks that some of the heaviness of the past few months also has to do with the winter. I ran so much in the sunshine last spring and summer that I think I’m struggling without it right now.

Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I’m here, with my family, visiting my family, too.

I don’t know. But I’ll take it. The past few days have been a respite from the Suck of Everything (yeah, exaggeration) that I’ve desperately needed.

I know it might not be long lasting.

But I’ll take it while I can get it.


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  1. So glad to hear this vacay has been good for you. I think you’re right, the dark and cold winter months have not helped at all with dealing with stuff. Even a few days of R ‘n R can do wonders for the psyche.

  2. Sun is wonderful. And 80 degree weather ain’t so bad either. Glad you are having a great time and hope some of this goody goodness can stay with you for awhile.

  3. Ru in Naples Bonita area?? That’s where I live! Would love a park play date if u up for it and don’t think I’m creepy blog stalker. Lol. Message me at if u have any free time here. Also wanna tell u places u must see when here…it’s a mini paradise here!!

    • Enjoy every minute of it! You will be taking our sunshine away very soon, and it will be missed over on this side of the world that is for sure.

  4. Glad you are enjoying the weather! And, some reprieve from life suck is good! I need to get in shape, too. I lifted weights for the first time in 1 year yesterday. Let’s just say that getting dressed is going to be hard today.

  5. Sounds amazing … I miss the sun, too!

  6. Sounds lovely and very much deserved after this winter! Enjoy!

  7. Sounds wonderful! You’ve been posting so regularly, I was actually wondering what was up when you didn’t post for a few days last week. I am so glad to hear this is the reason. I think we all need some sunshine right about now. Enjoy!

  8. I agree, that seasonal depression/hibernation is a bad thing. I want to hide from Dec-April..but once it’s warmer and I can see/feel the sunshine, I’m better.
    Hope that this little hint of spring/summer brings YOU back. 🙂


  9. So glad that the sun is helping! It has been such a hard road and I’m sure it is a combination of many sucky things. But a little respite can go a long way in healing a soul. So may the sun shine down!

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