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When Cibele asked about O yesterday, I realized I haven’t written about him in a while.

Parenting a three year old is sort of like being a circus acrobat.

It requires a LOT of flexibility, but it’s a LOT of fun, too.

So yeah, our foray into potty training was a big Fail.

Initially, O was game for wearing underwear. He wasn’t so into trying to sit on the potty, but his afternoon teacher got him to sit a couple of times for promises of stickers. He did GO a few times, but had no real reaction to our excitement.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, he became more and more resistant to sitting on the potty. Whereas before he’d watch the older kids; he avoided the bathroom altogether.

So we stopped. We went back to diapers, and for nearly a month we didn’t even mention the potty to him.

That said? I recently brought the subject back up. O LOVES the movie Cars right now and his Mater and Lightning McQueen cars. He’s been asking for a Mack for a week or so now, and so I told him that if he went pee or poop on the potty, we’d get him a Mack. (I actually HAVE one in the closet for him, on hand, in case he decides he wants to use it.)

Thus far he’s been using a NUMBER of other cars to fill Mack’s purpose: most recently a NYC sanitation truck.

So yeah. Not making any traction in the potty training arena.

And I am not really inclined to make it an issue yet. I still believe he’s capable, but he just hasn’t decided it’s something he WANTS to do.

Which is FINE with me.

The only reason it’s hard?

I know he’s the sort of kid who struggles with going outside his comfort zone to try something new. So for me, the question is how best we can encourage him to try the potty without him feeling any sort of PRESSURE.

We’ll see what happens with that one.

He has fully embraced his new bed. The first thing he does whenever someone comes to visit us is make them go upstairs to his room to see “my big boy bed!”

Aside from one night when he was really sick, once he goes to sleep, he’s asleep for the night. Bedtime is going a little better, too. We’ve discovered that if we give him a bath a little earlier and allow him to play before we start the bedtime routine, it cuts nearly a half hour from his “going to sleep” time. And we turned down his nightlight to make it VERY dim and are using his old baby blanket.

Seems to be helping, thus far at least.

I think I’ve adjusted, too. I no longer get all teary eyed when I see him sleeping in it. For a while, the nostalgia was KILLING me – I had no idea I ‘d be so sad over him moving out of his crib/toddler bed.

But that’s better now, too.

He’s very into hiding right now – though his concept of hiding means that he covers his eyes so he can’t see me.

But I love his reaction when he shows his face and I jump like he’s scared me. He just looks so damn PROUD of himself. It’s really fun.

I will say that nearly every time we give him a choice, he’s pretty good about picking one or the other. (Usually he’ll pick one, then change his mind, then go back to the other. But whatever! He picks something.)

However, when he’s tired or hungry? Forget about it. We’re about 50/50 on getting him out of the tantrum at that point.

It’s really interesting though. He’s developing a wicked sense of humor, so if we can get him to laugh, it’s usually over pretty quickly.

His favorite thing right now is funny words. Which include potty words. Sometimes he’ll say “DIAPER!” and giggle like it’s a funny joke. He and his cousin call each other “Pee-PEE!” and “Poopy!” and laugh like hyenas.

Or he’ll tell me slyly, “Green [light] means STOP, Mommy!! Red means go!”

And then laugh when I say “NOOOOOO! That’s not right!!!”

I steal a LOT of kisses and hugs from him. My favorite time with him is still bedtime, where we rock and read stories and then talk about our day.

His day usually comes back to Lightning McQueen popping a tire and not being able to make it over the finish line for the Piston Cup, but hey, it’s better than nothing!

And though all of the crap I’ve dredged up in therapy, all the infertility stuff, he has remained my guiding star.

I want to be the best mommy he can have. I want to teach him how to be emotionally secure and healthy. I want to be happy, because he deserves it.

So that’s my O. My awesome, amazing, gorgeous kid. I really am pretty damn lucky.



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  1. It’s funny you mention O being so into the movie Cars. When my son was his age (2 years ago), he also LOVED that movie. He also didn’t have much interest in potty training UNTIL we got some pull-ups with the Lightning McQueen and his other buddies on them. My son totally potty trained because he would not mess in his McQueens lol… You might give it a try! It totally worked for us 🙂 It took exactly one week of McQueen pull ups, and he was potty trained during the day and overnight. Nothing ever worked before that.

  2. I know your probably tired of advice, but since O sounds exactly like my son, I’ll tell you what we did.
    Saturday morning when he woke up we got a garbage bag out, and threw away every single diaper and pull up (but I didn’t actually throw them away incase it didn’t work). Going potty had been a HUGE battle in our house on more than one occasion. But he got it! He realized he had no pull up or diaper to pee in, so he just used the potty. There was no pre warning to psych him out, I just got up and made the decision and away we went. By Tuesday (I did this on a long weekend) he went to the sitter in underwear and we never turned back.

  3. I love reading this update on O. He sounds like a really fun child and I am glad you are enjoying him!

    We are having same type of issues with W on potty training. Like you, I am not stressing out too much about it (especially since she just started a new preschool).

    I love toddler humor…it is so raw and naive, touching the heart of laughter. I sometimes think we need to “be a toddler” for a day to really get back our sense of humor and wonder. 🙂

  4. yep, our boys couldn’t care LESS about the potty, seriously, they don’t even deal with the guilt my mom tries to deal out…they just want to be in diapers for now.

    O reminds me a lot of Jacob. Who is very cautious in life, thinks before he does something, is sensitive in his feelings. I wish we could get all three of them together for a playdate and see where it takes them. 🙂

  5. Thanks for updating on O. I had been wondering, too, how the potty training was going. O sounds like my son TK in a lot of ways so I’m learning a lot from these posts!

  6. I am also trying not to stress too much about potty training. I’ve tried letting J go totally bare-bottom, and I’ve seen him pee on the floor not 2 feet from the potty. So, I’m going with the mindset that when he’s ready, it’ll just click. I hope it works that way for you.

    And you’re right about the circus acrobat comparison – I feel like I’m always on my toes! And J’s not even 3 yet.

  7. Would be too much to as for pics too? haha kidding. Loved hearing about O. I wish our kids could play together someday. Lyla is the adventurous kind. PT wasnt hard at all for her but the big girl’s bed is still a challenge. Sleep has never been her forte. Good luck with PT, we will get it soon

  8. I love hearing about O, he is a one gorgeous kid and you are lucky to have each other.

    Boo has a great sense of humour too, I just love it!

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