Hiccups. *UPDATED*

April 18, 2011 at 9:18 am | Posted in IVF #5: This is IT. | 7 Comments

Yesterday’s scan showed 5 measurable but small follicles – largest was just under 14mm.

E2 was at 579.

E2 is still tracking where I was with O’s cycle, but the follicles are, apparently, not.

So my RE upped last night’s FSH dose to 225iu, and I go back in on Tuesday where, according to my nurse, we’ll know more then.

UPDATE: So yeah. I screwed up my dates and I don’t actually go back in until Wednesday. Not tomorrow.


I miss running.

My last run was a week ago; an AWESOME 5 miles where my last mile was completed in 8:41.

I see people running when I’m driving somewhere and I have a smiliar longing to when I see a pregnant belly.


I know, I know. This is short term.


When I do injections, I alternate sides on my belly every night.

For whatever reason, my right side is fine. If there’s bruising, it’s slight.

My left side, though?

Two massive hematomas which, of course, sit right where the waistband of my pants rest.



I just want to make it to retrieval.

I really do NOT want to do this again.


I really, really want this to work.

The idea that I won’t ever get to do this again makes me deeply sad.


We decided to have O skip his nap on Saturday because his cousin was over, he didn’t seem all THAT tired, and he’s been staying up until 9, 9:30 on average most nights.

Which, honestly, is MY bedtime.

We were hoping that he’d go to bed early on Saturday night.

Yeah. Not so much. He finally fell asleep at 8:15 on Saturday night. And he was up at 5:40 on Sunday morning too.

But last night, after only an hour’s nap in the car yesterday, he was exhausted. He actually ASKED me to put him to bed.

At 7pm.

Yeah, okay… so he’s not really ready to give up his nap.


I am getting to the point where I’m starting to get uncomfortable. My ovaries feel swollen and tender.

I’m hoping that’s a good sign, that my follicles are starting to take off and grow and maybe I’ll be able to trigger on Wednesday night.


I told my MIL that retrieval would likely be this weekend, hopefully Saturday… but that it might go into Sunday.

Her reaction?

What, EASTER???? she asked incredulously.

My answer was that my follicles SHOULD be more religious and heed the holidays.

But since they’re, you know, follicles, I have little control over them.



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  1. Good luck as you progress down the home stretch of this cycle. Try not to get too far ahead of yourself. Just focus on growing the follicles you have and know that the rest will come, one thing at a time.

  2. Good luck over these last couple of days. I hope everything goes well and the follicles behave themselves (heathens though they may be).

    I so get you with the running envy. I stare in hopeless envy at the women bouncing past me in their tights and layered tops. But then I remind myself that at this time last year I would have been one of those women out running who would stare in hopeless envy at someone with a giant preggo belly.

    I sincerely hope you don’t get to run now for a very very long time. 😀


  3. oh dear god, I want to smack your MIL…seriously, like you don’t have enough stress.

    wishing you a good week…one where everything just falls into place.

  4. Hope this week goes by quickly with good news on the follicle front tomorrow. You only need 2! Well, maybe 3 to make sure.

    I’m hoping O’s habit of keeping himself awake will pass shortly, K’s phase of this didn’t last to long.

  5. Yay for progress! Those heathen follies need to do that growing, no matter what the day! 🙂

  6. You tell your MIL that Easter is a good time for new life. Didn’t she know? 😉

  7. fingers crossed

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