April 20, 2011 at 8:23 pm | Posted in IVF #5: This is IT. | 12 Comments

I was pretty shocked when the nurse called me with instructions to take my Ovidrel shot tonight.

(I take it in ten minutes, akshully.)

I spent a good amount of time scrambling to find someone to watch O for me on Sunday since I thought that would be transfer day.

And railing against how much I fucking hate infertility, am tired of trying to SCHEDULE crap around it.

Et cetera.

Turns out, by my calculations, transfer will be MONDAY. Not Sunday.


Anyway. Retrieval on Friday.



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  1. GOOD LUCK! You’re almost there. And you’re hopefully at the head of a very different — and wonderful — path.


  2. *hugs*

    Only putting one back, right?


  3. GOOD LUCK saying a prayer for you!

  4. Yay! Good luck!

  5. Good Luck! Hoping and rooting for you!

  6. Good luck tomorrow!! Glad you don’t have to scramble on Sunday and you can rest up for Monday! 🙂

  7. This sucks. You deserve better. J deserves better. I’m pulling for you guys. xoxo

  8. Good luck!

  9. There’s got to be some (totally sacrilegious) Easter metaphor there. Oh, well. Either way, I’m sending you good thoughts!

  10. Well, what a good surprise and fortuitous timing.

    Happy Easter!

  11. Fingers crossed for tomorrow and hope you have a fantastic embryo to transfer.

  12. Good luck today!! I can’t believe we are only 1 day apart on this cycle. God I hope it works out for both of us.

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