Photo Friday.

April 29, 2011 at 6:30 am | Posted in Wordless Wednesday (aka: my cute kid.) | 21 Comments

Because I haven’t posted pictures in a while. Like in months.

(And they got him to smile!)



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  1. Oh what a honey! He will drive the girls mad in a few years I’m sure! 😀 Adorable.

  2. wait! how did he get so big. wait! babyhope is so big, too. where did it go?

  3. Oh my gosh: hello little heartbreaker.

  4. He is so grown up!!! And so handsome – those are both great photos!

  5. First of all, he’s gorgeous! Second of all, it never fails to amaze me how the daycare photographers get these kinds of shots. It is next to impossible to get my kids to sit still for a picture, but the daycare photos always look fantastic. I wish I knew their secret.

  6. A-Dorable! (thinking of YOU, too)

  7. Oh wow, he is so grown up and handsome! Love the pictures. We need to arrange a meeting bewteen Lyla and O! just saying hahah

  8. Wow! He is such a little boy! I think my son’s school used the same photography company. I will have to email you a pic.

  9. He looks so handsome! Now that W is in Preschool I cannot wait for these photos!

  10. Love It. He’s such a cutie! I especially like the last one

  11. Such a cutie! Love these pics!

  12. Absolutely adorable! 🙂

  13. Love the pictures of his hands in the pockets! What a little dude!

  14. OMGosh…HOW cute is he?? I love the one where he’s kicking the rock especially…its so cute!!

  15. So charming!

  16. So adorable! And I love that the photos are Lifetouch. My hubby works for ’em… 🙂

  17. So cute – beautiful smile!

  18. He is so cute. And so grown up!

  19. Too cute!

    (It’s amazing the things kids will do for other people that they won’t do for their parents…)

  20. I love these…oh my goodness he is such a handsome little boy!!!!!! Look at that smile!

  21. He truly is adorable!! 🙂

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