Longest. Week. Ever.

May 5, 2011 at 9:47 am | Posted in IVF #5: This is IT. | 29 Comments

I have no news.

I did toy with the idea of peeing on a stick this morning, but O was awake early and I honestly didn’t want to deal with parenting him AND a BFN all at once.

I’ve run through the gamut of the 2ww madness this week.

I’ve been both utterly convinced it hasn’t worked and completely confident that it HAS worked.

It seems to all depend on how I feel when I first wake up in the morning.

Regardless, my “symptoms” are MILD.

They could be made up, in my own head I have “symptoms” but really it’s my mind HOPING I’m pregnant.

They could be a function of progesterone.

Or maybe it’s because I started running again this week.

Or maybe I am, in fact, pregnant.

We shall find out tomorrow.



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  1. Glad you skipped the peestick this morning. Remember they are evil a good blog friend once told me. πŸ˜‰

    Holding my breath with you til tomorrow-

  2. Hate the mind games of the 2WW. Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow.

  3. Just letting you know that I’m thinking of you and hoping and praying that you get great news. Many, many hugs.

  4. Peesticks are evil. You are doing the right thing by waiting. Hoping and praying and crossing and happy thought thinking….

  5. Sending love and hope. xo

  6. DUDE. Seriously. LONGEST WEEK EVER.

    Hoping you get good news (that we both do).

  7. Tomorrow seems like years away…

  8. Crossing everything for you and saying a prayer!

  9. Thinking of you and hoping for great news.

  10. Thinking of you and praying for strength and courage for you either way. (But, of course, really, really hoping for a positive beta!)

  11. Hate hate hate the tww. And pee sticks. Good on you for resisting (I will never use them again after the stupid things gave me two false negatives back in August).

    Will be checking in tomorrow. I want SO much for you to get good news.

  12. Ugh. You’re so close! But I think it was a good call not to pee on a stick. Good luck tomorrow.

  13. Almost there…
    Waiting with you, and hoping you are the first results call they make tomorrow.

  14. Hoping hoping!

  15. Holding you in my heart tomorrow.

  16. Thinking of you and hoping for a positive.


  17. Best of luck and all my positive thoughts with you tomorrow.

  18. Hoping for great news tom

  19. Good luck!

  20. Best of luck and glad that the misery that is the 2ww is rapidly coming to an end. I am fervently hoping that it is replaced with jubilant celebration of a positive and solid beta tomorrow.

  21. All the best for tomorrow.

  22. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  23. Thinking of you.

  24. Good luck. Thinking of you, and I’m with you for whatever the next journey may bring.


  25. Eagerly awaiting the results and hoping for great news.

  26. Best of luck today, hon!!

  27. I’m pulling for you. I really am.

  28. I didn’t realize you moved your blog. GOod luck with the end of your 2ww. Oh, and I didn’t know you were a runner too! Hoping you are pg and thinking of you

  29. Thinking of you today.

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