Friday Flashback

May 27, 2011 at 6:00 am | Posted in Pictures (aka: my cute kid.) | 9 Comments

So I’ve been going through pictures to get together O’s baby/toddler album.

And holy cow I had forgotten a LOT.

So I want to share some pictures of little O with you on this fine Friday.

The first month.

This first picture J took one of the first nights in the hospital. In the seconds where O was awake those first weeks, he stared intently. (And seriously, he looks like a little alien!) Especially with me – he knew me pretty much right away. I just remember in this picture being so over the moon that he was here, and alive, and ours.

These next pictures really showcase how teeny tiny he was. I remember J carrying the carseat and remarking: Wow, it’s like carrying it when it’s empty. We’ll have to be careful or we’ll forget he’s in there!

Which of course never happened – not for me, anyway. One of my biggest fears early on was forgetting him the car because he fell asleep or something. Freaked me out enough that I STILL always check the backseat before I get out of my car, even though I RECALL dropping him off at school.

But seriously – how cute is he? He’s wearing a preemie outfit in this one that my SIL bought for us when we were in the hospital, since everything else swam on him.

Poor kiddo hated being changed early on. (And seriously, look how small he was! It’s hard to believe that he was that little.)

This is STILL one of my favorite pictures. I was so damn sleep deprived that we ended up most afternoons sleeping like this in front of the TV.

I love me some O snuggles. Always have. Always probably will, even when he’s too old to snuggle with me.



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  1. I was nodding my head when I read you were worried about forgetting him. I became almost OCD about checking the car seat. My big fear was that I was going to forget to put it in the car and later realize he was in the seat IN THE GARAGE or something. Sleep deprivation didn’t help that much either.

  2. So tiny! I remember feeling like I was going to break him when I held him at the hospital! K was a little over a year at the time and I was used to picking up her 25lbs.

  3. Oh these are so precious!! Such a tiny little guy and so cuddly!! I love that last picture of you and him. (now I wanna go hug my little one!!)

  4. Jeez! he’s so tiny! How much did he weight when he was born?

    • Three weeks early, so yeah, he was a little guy. Weighed in at a whopping 5lbs 14oz. Took him a couple of years but he’s squarely in the average percentile for height and weight now. 🙂

  5. Yep, I can relate as both our boys were tiny guys – Alex was the same birth weight as O. Now they’re big boys. 🙂

  6. OMG!! So tiny!! And so adorable… *Sigh*…The cuteness!!

  7. I had also forgotten how tiny he was. Lovely to have these memories.

  8. Just getting a moment to catch up. Love these pics- your O. was so tiny! Thank you for sharing!
    PS. Well done on the running! I’m going to live vicariously through you. Am thinking a 10 k in October might be manageable, but we’ll see.

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