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June 3, 2011 at 7:34 am | Posted in motherhood | 6 Comments

Oh, posts of substance, why do you elude me?

In the meantime, I suppose I shall share with you some pretty darn cute things about my O.

    • Whenever he wakes up in the morning, he comes to the top of the stairs and calls out: He-LOOOOOOOOO! Is anyone THERE?  (Because, you know, we are often in the habit of leaving the house and letting O get himself ready and take himself to school all on his own.) It’s impossibly cute.
    • He will not let J leave in the morning without coming over to me for a “Squish, Mommy!” hug. Which means I pick him up so that he’s sandwiched in between J and I and we squeeze hard. He ALWAYS askes for more whenever we do this.
    • Every time he takes a bite of something that’s on our plate, he ALWAYS says Mmmmmm! Yet if we put it on HIS plate, he won’t even touch it and will tell us that he doesn’t like it. I am starting to suspect that his plate is the culprit. Maybe he doesn’t like the way it makes his food taste.
    • His new favorite game when just before bed is “Run Away from the Monster.” O will climb up into my arms and say softly, with great anticipation, I think the monster is coming! And then J will chase us, O will clutch his arms around my neck and bury his face in my shoulder as we run away upstairs.
    • And then he’ll order the monster to Get Mommy! Last night we had him in hysterics as J dragged me away from the open door and I kept popping away to look at O and say, I’m almost away from him!
    • He also loves to play hide and seek. It is, in fact, how I get him to get into the car in the mornings – he goes and “hides” in my car until I “find” him. One of MY favorite games, since it gets him into the car without a fuss. (This week, at least.)
    • I think we started it a year ago – talking about our favorite parts of the day once we turn off the light and get settled into bed. But just recently, he’s started telling us some of HIS favorite parts without being prompted. This past weekend, he told me on Saturday night that he had fun playing air hockey, and the next night, he told J he had fun jumping on the bed with his friend M.

Last night, though? He just said, I love you to the moon and back, Mommy.

Even as I work through my emotions around the fact that he just might be it for us, I don’t let sight for one minute that we are so fortunate to have him in our lives in the first place.



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  1. This is such a fun age, isn’t it? Lately J has been waking up, coming into the kitchen, and announcing, “Mommy! I was lookin’ for you!” I love it.

  2. Those are all such precious moments! He sounds like such a wonderful little boy! Hide ‘n seek is W’s favorite game right now too…I will have to try that car idea!

  3. OMG, Serenity, our parallels keep coming. We do a similar “Squeeze me!” hug and while we’re doing it all say “SQUEEZE ME!”.

    When my husband leaves for work my son will say, “Daddy, don’t bonk into anyone”.

    We do the monster game, too, only now it has evolved into the purple or red dragon with H screaming “You can’t get me!”

    And, at night, we talk about what we are grateful for today, and he always starts with “for you, mommy!”. Heart-breaker.

    It is such a precious and joyful time. I wish we lived anywhere near each other as I’d have you and O over for a play date (and some skinnygirl margarita for us!)

  4. What a gift … to be loved by a child who tells you so. 🙂

    And: food is always tastier on someone else’s plate. This applies to adult perspectives as well as children. 🙂

  5. I die at the sweetness..*sigh*… So cute! Keeping you in prayer as always!

  6. Posts of substance or any at all elude me! Our little 3 year old boys are so stinking cute.

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