Waxing and Waning.

June 17, 2011 at 7:52 am | Posted in My life | 6 Comments

Bad days.

Good days.

Bad days.

Good days.

Rinse, repeat.

This has become my life.


Let’s move on, shall we?

1. Puck’s urine analysis came back with some bacteria and white blood cells in it. The vet recommended that we put him on a 10 day course of antibiotics.

When I asked her, straight out, So it’s an infection, then? she was very honest.

I don’t know. Let’s talk next week and see how he is.

The good news is that the antibiotic has been helping resolve his constipation. He’s eating a bit more, but not enough to make me feel comfortable.

And he’s still obsessed with his water.

But we’re taking it a day at a time.

2. O’s potty time has stalled. Every time we ask if he wants to sit on the potty, even if there’s a reward at the end, he always says no.

So about a month ago, we introduced the idea that there would be a time where we’re going to say goodbye to the diapers. Since we have a long weekend on the fourth of July, we thought it would be a good time to have an Underwear Weekend.

He’s RUN with the idea. Whenever I tell him that soon, we’re going to say goodbye to the diapers?

He says this.

And the diapers are going to go on an AIRPLANE! And I will wear UNDERWEAR and go pee pee on THE POTTY and get my Luigi and Guido and my RACETRACK!

When I’ve asked him what underwear he’ll wear first, it’s always Lightning McQueen, THEN Thomas the Train.

We’ll see how a long weekend of wearing underwear works.

Hold me.

3. Running is good right now. I’ve made the minimum fundraising requirement for the marathon in October. So really all I have to do is just, well, run a training program. I decided to pay the money for a summer clinic geared towards marathon and half marathons with a local running club, and I’m really excited about it. Long runs on Saturday and track sessions are Thursday night. It’ll be really good to meet other people that are as excited about running as I am, and the companionship on the long slog runs will be really good, I think.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on building a base of weekly miles and getting used to running 5 days a week. It’s been really good.

That’s about all the news that’s fit to print in chez Serenity.

Today at least. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. I now have no excuse–the potty training has gone well here–well, actually, better at preschool…but next week, only underwear. Eeek!

    I love O’s way of thinking, putting those diapers on a train, etc. Very imaginative!

  2. We did a similar thing with diapers – I told our girls that starting on a specific day, they didn’t HAVE to wear diapers anymore and that they got to wear big girl underwear. We made an event out of it – we went shopping for their underwear (even though I had a drawerful) the day before – they were so excited to them out and carry them through the store to the checkout, and get a bag to carry them home in. Then the next morning, on d-day, that was it. No diapers. They did ok with lots of nagging for the first day and the second day was a disaster…I seriously broke down in tears, but by day 3 they were much better. It’s not fun but you can do it!

  3. I’m thinking we might try to start potty training sometime this summer as TK is showing signs he might be ready. Yet, I keep thinking of reasons why it shouldn’t start this week and keep putting it off. It sounds like O is quite prepared for the idea of no diapers, though, so hopefully it will go more smoothly than you think.

    And good days, bad days…well so many of your last posts about the emotional fallout of stopping treatment, I feel like I could have written word for word.

  4. I hope you have much better luck than I did. We planned…he was so excited…the day came..the look of terror in his eye when he woke up on D-day…the mess of tears that followed (his and mine). It was another six months before it worked and it was actually his idea. Sigh.

  5. we are all in the Good days, bad days aren’t we??? ๐Ÿ™‚

    but I’m so glad he is trying to embrace the PTing, I am going to blog about our “adventures” later this week….if you think it’s hard with 1….LOL..

    as always, thinking of you sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You really had me laughing with O’s reaction to Underwear Weekend. Sounds like you are doing a great job getting him psyched up! Let’s hope it works.

    And, since I am reading this and the swimming post on the same day, I have to say – O swims by himself?!? J and I have been doing Parent & Tot swim since he was 6 months old, but he won’t let go of me. I’m not sure when we’re ever going to make it into the next level up, when the kids go in without their parents (he’ll be old enough in 3 months).

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