A Post in Numbers.

June 23, 2011 at 10:33 am | Posted in And I ran (I ran so far away), Crazy Talk (aka: Therapy), milestones, My life | 7 Comments

1. My weekly therapy sessions are on Wednesday afternoons.

And I gotta tell you, I spend nearly the ENTIRE day dreading the things I need to talk about.

But when I get there and start actually talking? It’s sort of a relief to get it out.

It’s like keeping it all in my head makes it grow and change into something bigger than it is.

I totally love my therapist, btw.

2. Puck did not do very well on the antibiotics. He essentially stopped eating, which made him puke up antibiotic water hairballs every day. His symptoms didn’t abate either, so when I called the vet, they told me to take him off the antibiotic. Since we’ve done so, he’s shown a ton of improvement in his eating. They must have been upsetting his stomach, the poor kitty.

He does need to go back this coming weekend for a subcutaneous shot of antibiotics so that we can clear up whatever’s going on in there, but our vet wanted to wait until he was eating better. That, thankfully, has happened.

So there’s no REAL news on that front. Still waiting to see if this is an infection, or if it’s just age-related kidney dysfunction. I suspect there’s a combination of both.

The good news, though, is that the vet told me his toxins were only mildly elevated. So if the antibiotics don’t work, we still have some time with him.

3. I am officially In Love with running. Last year at this time I was struggling with a 9:30 pace, and I remember it being really, really hard. Last night? I averaged under 9 minute miles in my short run. Finished my last mile in 8:26.

And then this morning, I got up and ran another 4 miles. Slower, because OW my legs were sore. And a little like lead.


I love, love, love, LOVE the way my runs are making me feel. Like I’m strong. Fit. Fast. Healthy.

4. Course, all this running makes me HUNGRY. Literally, I can eat all the time. I’ve been going heavy on the protein, which helps to make it so that I’m only hungry every couple of hours instead of every 15 minutes. But yeah. HUNGRY.

And I’m a little nervous about what’s going to happen when I get into the big mileage. I might actually spend all of my waking hours either eating or thinking about when I get to eat next.

5. O is awesome. Like super incredible awesome. I really DIG spending time with him. I love talking with him. I love pretending with him. I love love love LOVE him.

6. The other night, while he was getting out of the bath, O told J: I have some pee pee in me! So J put him on the potty, and he went. No big deal.

I’ve had a fair amount of anxiety about our upcoming underwear experiment, mostly just wondering what the hell we’re doing putting a kid who doesn’t really CARE about using the potty in underwear.

So this gave me hope.

A little at least.

7. I’m trying to figure out what I should do with this space of mine. Now that we’re no longer actively trying for a baby, what do I DO with this space? I’m not really what I’d call a mommyblogger; this has really always been more of my own personal space.

I suppose it mirrors where I am right now, emotionally. Working through a bunch of stuff from the past, not really knowing what the future brings. Just need to keep wading through it all and figure out my new place when I come out back into the light.

But in the meantime, I could use ideas. What do you want to know about me?



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  1. “I suppose it mirrors where I am right now, emotionally. Working through a bunch of stuff from the past, not really knowing what the future brings.” As a long time reader, I can say that I think this about sums it up and this is what I hope to continue to read about…the untangling, coming to terms, learning to embrace the future (whatever that means to you).

  2. Just as long as you don’t stop blogging! I don’t know, I’ve never really had a theme to my blog, and it seems to work okay (I have a whopping 11 people who want to read it, anyway). But it’s never had a theme to begin with, so that might be different than if yours, since you started it as an infertility blog. I think you can kind of feel your way through it, just see what you end up writing about.

    And as for #5 – everyone talks about how tiring toddlers are, but nobody mentions how awesome they can be at the same time!

  3. Sounds like your blog title still applies though to what you’re doing now.

  4. What do I want to know about you? Well pretty much all the different things you wrote about in this post!

  5. I agree with the others- don’t stop blogging!!

    As for the underwear: just run with it. If you want someone to hold your hand through it, I am here. Seriously- along with sleep training (or worriying about how and when I was going to have a child who slept through the night), potty training was one of my big parenting worries. We seem to have conquered it, thank goodness. Let me tell you, I have a child who is VERY resistant to change. He NEVER showed any interest in the potty or in the cool undies that we bought. The “wait til he’s ready” approach was not going to work with him, that much was clear. Lots of patience and strength, and, three months later we are pretty much there. You can do it, O can do it, and if you want to email me about it, I’m here for you.

  6. I get a lot of inspiration from your blog. I love when you talk about how your runs are going, therapy and your family. I think like others, it’s where we’re all at at this time in our life, trying to balance family, life demands and taking care of ourselves.

  7. I don’t know what I want to know about you at the moment-but I do know that I am so proud of you for working so hard at running.

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