Friday Night Leftovers.

July 15, 2011 at 10:51 am | Posted in And I ran (I ran so far away), milestones, My life | 1 Comment
  • I’m totally stealing this idea from Jen and Cece. Because I mostly think in bullets, and some days it’s too hard to come up with a post that wraps them all together in some form of cohesiveness.
  • O continues to use the potty at daycare and has been coming home in underwear. In the past couple of days he’s had spots of pee on the front of his shorts, but not a full blown accident. I’m chalking it up to him starting to recognize what it feels like when he starts to go. He’s pretty good about peeing once he DOES sit on the potty, though he still resists stopping what he’s doing to actually use it.
  • I told him last night as we were laying down for bed that I was really proud of him for wearing underwear this week. He responded: And going pee pee on the potty too, Mommy. You forgot that part.
  • I had to take a week off running last week because I was having some pretty awful achilles and calf pain due to ill- fitting shoes. Before then, the pain meant I had to stop between miles 2 and 3 of EVERY run to stretch. Multiple times.
  • The week off was really hard. Apparently running is my biggest coping mechanism with pretty much EVERYTHING in my life. I was sort of an asshole. (In fact, J told me one morning that I had a lot of hate going on.)
  • But it was totally worth it. This week my runs have been GREAT. The past two have been without any pain whatsoever. And I’m very much looking forward to my long run tomorrow.
  • I’m planning on doing 11 miles – 5 on my own and then 6 with my running buddy (who is working her own mileage up but  isn’t that far yet).
  • It’s completely ridiculous that I’m looking forward to an 11 mile run, isn’t it?
  • But the awesome thing is that we’re going to a wedding tomorrow night. I have a haircut at 12:45, and I just booked myself a noontime pedicure.
  • Someone massaging my legs after an 11 mile run is pretty much awesome.
  • Though it means I should probably shave my legs tomorrow morning.

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  1. I say again.. YOU. ARE.A.ROCKSTAR! sn: I have NEVER had a pedicure..EVER.. The thought of someone touching my feet makes me want to sit on them immediately! Have a fun time!

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