First World Problem: Vacation Stress.

December 13, 2011 at 1:19 pm | Posted in Cheese with that whine? (aka rants), Parenting, Stuck with You (aka: Family) | 7 Comments

First, the Santa update: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, V, for the link to the Portable North Pole.

Because O has been asking to talk to Santa on the computer.

(As an aside? My grand business idea on this is called “Skype with Santa.”)

(Another aside – as a business school student I came up with the idea of Nike + iPod. Except the pedometer went to a wristwatch which would track your pace, distance and time. The project was for a marketing class, and from what I remember, I got an A. Clearly I missed my calling as an entrepreneur.)

(But! You are free to steal the idea, internets, because I currently lack the time or energy to devote to a business idea.)

We are, in our house, in a sort of state of Vacation Stress.

We leave Friday afternoon for Florida, and then the big boat which will take us on a tour of the Caribbean.

See, we embark on Saturday, December 17. And then, we disembark on Christmas Eve.

On 12/24, we will (hopefully) catch a plane in Fort Lauderdale, land in Boston, then drive to my in-laws’ house for the night. Christmas Day will be there.

Which means that BEFORE we go all the presents need to be at my in-laws’ house.

We, of course, have not yet finished wrapping all presents, though O’s and J’s presents are done and ready, our christmas cards are in the mail, and packages for friends/family have been mailed out.

That should happen tonight.

J has THREE interviews this week with the same consulting company. Hopefully this will culminate in an offer, but you never can tell with these things.

He has a 9pm phone call/interview tonight.

(Yet another aside, NFW would I agree to a 9pm interview. That is my bedtime.)

We need to pack. Which, at this point, will be on Thursday night and/or Friday just before we need to get in the car.

Ah, First World Problems.

The good news is that I’m so stressed out about getting ready to GO on the cruise that I haven’t even thought about my plan for Dealing with my Mother.

Because, you see, she has been diagnosed with a host of food allergies in the past year, and therefore couldn’t travel to watch me run a marathon, because she can’t eat the food.

Nevermind that we stayed at my cousin’s house and would have been glad to accomodate her hysteria allergies.

The good news is that O loves his Auntie C and his Grammy and Pop. And really, all I care about is that he gets time with his grandparents, and his great grandparents.

And J and I get a day off in Turks and Caicos to snorkel, and my mother has volunteered an evening where she stays with O when he goes to bed so J and I can go do whatever people on cruise ships do after 7pm.

And, I mean, we’ll be someplace warm and sunny and I’ll get to swim and run and relax.

As long as we make it to the plane, it’ll be good.



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  1. I’m stressed out just reading this. Ug. Good luck!

  2. Hope you have a good trip despite the pre-vacation stress! Thinking positive thoughts for J and his potential jobs.

  3. Ay yay yay & good luck. I didn’t know you were going on a cruise and I am jealous because we are, well, were, but I guess with Disney are, cruisers.

    I am stressed out thinking about it for you.

  4. The Eaton Centre in Toronto this year got rid of their mall Santa and introduced ‘skype with Santa’ instead- sorry!

    Good luck getting all your ducks in a row. Remember to relax and have fun on the cruise!


  5. LOVE the idea of “skype with Santa.” You need to follow through on this! πŸ˜‰

    luck to you in the coming weeks …

  6. Just tell me you get to eat at a different table/dinner seating than your mother. That poor waiter. He will likely be from a country where he won’t understand much about the ingredients she is going to ask about. Though you can eat 24/7 on a ship so hopefully she will find something that suits her needs.

    Take a deep breath and r e a l l y enjoy the trip.

  7. I would love to go on a cruise (have never been) but this makes me think a trip just before the holidays might not be for me πŸ™‚ Then again, once you finished with the stress and got on the boat it has probably been amazing. Merry Christmas!

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