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We lived through a weekend where, at one point, I actually looked around for the hidden cameras.

Because, really, it can’t be possible that our kid is THAT much of an insane person.

Can it?

It started on Saturday morning when I called J to let him know that I was on my way home from my 4 mile run. And his one sentence, short answers had me on guard immediately.

It was a no good, terrible morning, from his account. O had a massive accident first thing and spent the hour screaming at him. He refused to get dressed in his bathing suit so they could go to swim lessons. It was terrible.

My initial reaction was annoyance. Because man, he TOTALLY ruined my endorphin high with Guilt. I can’t even take time for myself on the weekend to work out in the daylight? Stupid, selfish Serenity.

But then I got hold of myself and calmed down.

And then I got home and walked right into the Hornet’s Nest of Age Three.

I’m not lying.

This weekend was tantrum after everloving tantrum. On top of accidents, massive ones with puddles.

And screaming OH THE SCREAMING. My poor head.

It saw my lowest moment of parenting yet on Saturday evening, when I was on my Very Last Nerve (yes, I now understand what my mother meant when she’d yell that at us).

And Sunday was more of the same. Tantrums. Accidents. Screaming. Hitting.

Oh and add destruction to the list: O and his cousin pulled down and upended about 25-30 perfectly categorized photo albums at J’s aunt’s house while we were in a different room doing a Yankee Swap with the family.

I discovered it; walked in to see O climbing up to the fourth shelf in order to reach more books.

Awful, awful.

And then the absolute freakout because he wasn’t allowed back into that room when my SIL and I were cleaning up the mess they made.

Awful enough that J bundled him into the car and drove him to my inlaws’ house to get away from the people.

Which led to an accident, which led to O lashing out at J, which led to a time out and hysterics and J needing his own time out before things escalated further.

The cherry on the top was when we got home and O went into the bathroom to pee. And did; standing in front of the potty.

I swear the child did it on PURPOSE.

I have no idea what we can do about any of this. That this was just a really bad weekend, after a week of him being sick and watching too much TV. Maybe we need to force naptime.

Maybe we just need to ride it out.

But man. Life with O is usually 90% good and 10% bad. This weekend, though, was the exact opposite.

I love my kid.

But he’s completely insane.



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  1. We all feel this way sometimes. This is totally normal.

    My girls have been taking off all of their clothes, including their diaper at nap. They throw things at each other and dance and yell at the top of their lungs until one of them goes to the bathroom in their bed, and then I have to come in and clean the entire mess up. Mike has gotten some pretty irate text messages as nap time is considered part of my work time and dealing with all of that while trying to work — not so productive. Could be why I’m reading blogs today while they are going crazy instead of trying to accomplish anything. Instead, I’ll just have to work until 1 am.

    One thing that really worked for Bo was the book 1,2,3, Magic. I’ve had a lot of success with him with that technique. No idea if it would work for O though.

  2. My friend jokes with me sometimes and says he could bring a birthday cake for her so we could get her to her four year old birthday sooner. Cuz, Three…well, lets just say it hasn’t been always peaches and cream.

    And then there are times when they are the cutest at three. The tantrums are the worst. W’s big thing is to make EVERYTHING a drama.

    Hoping it was just a bad day and not a trend!

  3. We are dealing with 3 year old tantrums/behavior issues with Al.ex who is now 4… it is truly exasperating. I feel your pain, mama.

  4. We went through similar tantrums during the terrible threes. One book that helped was “I Brake For Meltdowns” because it is actually full of practical advice and word phrases and techniques.

    Good luck. As a mother to a strong-willed almost 5 year old, I can categorically tell you it DOES get better.

  5. I always heard “terrible twos” and was terrified. It wasn’t until about a month before K turned three that everyone started telling me that three was even more terrible.

    So far, it has been a whole new level of games and manipulation that I was completely unprepared for. I completely need an assistant some days just to help me tag team this child when P is working. Which leads to so much guilt and bad Mommy feelings. Sigh. All that to say that my heart goes out to you.

  6. All I can say is that I hear you, girl. As a mom whose presence has been requested by her daughter’s teacher “to discuss her behavior and anger issues,” I get it. I don’t have any answers (CLEARLY!), but I certainly get it. You are not alone. And, like the rest of us, you will muddle through and somehow come through on the other side. We will sport countless battle wounds, but we will survive. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself!

  7. I hear ya!! We’ll have weeks.of bliss then suddenly it turns on a dime! I’ve found love and logic books to be the best around! I was a teacher and now a counselor for 15 years and we use it in.our schools and with our families too. L&L stops the power struggles and puts.ownership.back.on the.kid while alleviating.some of the combativeness .for.parents. the more upset they become the.calmer you are. My.mantra!!

  8. I’m coming in very late here (thanks for letting me know that you’re blogging here again!) to agree that age 3 is hell. The drama! The rage! The tantrums! The defiance! I. flies off the handle. N. is inattentive. Getting out of the house is a blood-sweat-and-tears process. The worst part: now we’re at the Brat Watch stage. No one gives 3 year olds a pass. Not even doting grandparents. Now the parent is Doing Something Wrong.

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