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January 13, 2012 at 11:28 am | Posted in schmoop (i.e. why I love my kid), School (aka: daycare) | 1 Comment

Lots of stuff in my head nowadays.


I was looking back at some of my old posts when O was a baby. (So MUCH I had forgotten!)

And I have to say, I am thankful that I blogged about him back in the day. And it makes me realize that I haven’t blogged about him, not really, in a while.

At least, I haven’t blogged about the good stuff. And it’s sort of overwhelming to give you EVERYTHING about him right now, so my goal is to start blogging about him more regularly.

(And yes, share pictures too.)

O has two “best friends” in his daycare class. Their parents and J and I actually call them the Three Musketeers, they’re that close knit.

One of the Three Musketeers gets picked up at 3:30 most days – since he has an older brother in first grade and so they have someone who watches the boys at home.

I made the mistake of asking O a couple of days ago if he wanted to have a playdate with the Three Musketeers at Monkey Joe’s this weekend.

So last night I get a text from one of the moms. I nearly cracked up.

So I guess when Nanny comes to pick one of the Three Musketeers up, O keeps insisting that he’s going with them and having a playdate. Today came close to child abduction. πŸ™‚ We were thinking maybe next Thursday Nanny could pick O up for a playdate. Older Brother has extended day that day, so it won’t be too much for her.

Ha. I love that my kid loves his friends, enough to climb into his best friend’s car in order to go home with him. πŸ™‚

Course, I worry that someday one of those kids will turn on him and tell him that he doesn’t like O anymore, and he doesn’t want to play with him.

(But that’s MY baggage, right? Surely boys don’t do that to each other.)


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  1. I don’t know if boys do it but I assure you girls DO. Funny thing about kids though, they don’t seem to get all bent out of shape about it like us adults do. MG has a friend that lives 2 doors down and she has suddenly stopped coming over to play apparently because our house is “no fun”. Which translates to: you have to mind your manners & clean up your messes at our house. While MG is a bit sad, she’s not overly worked up about.
    I on the other hand? I’m upset for her……

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