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Lucky has never been a very good sleeper. Anytime we go somewhere new, or he’s about to hit a milestone, or he gets sick, or the moon is in the house of Saturn the stars don’t quite align correctly, we have always been doomed to an overnight with wakings.

Sometimes multiple wakings, where he’s up for a while and needs us to be with him to fall back asleep.

Especially when he’s sick. I don’t know what it IS about him, but Lucky has always seemed to be one of those kids that has had to power through a sickness. No matter how much we try to tell him that resting HELPS his body get better, he’s resisted naps and bedtime and been up overnight.

He’s just never really been a sleeper.

We visited friends in Albany over the weekend, and overnight on Saturday, Lucky was up for a very short time. But since we were in a new place, I laid down with him for a bit overnight.

And as he was trying to fall back asleep, I could hear the catch in his breathing and the stuffy in his nose. I knew he was getting sick.

Sure enough, whatever bug it was flared up yesterday afternoon, when LOOKING at him you saw sick. Flushed cheeks, glassy eyes.

And then, 10 minutes from home, he told us he wanted a bucket so he could be sick.

(As an aside? Best thing we have taught him to date. SO. MUCH. EASIER to clean up.)

We made it home, thankfully.

But he DID puke in his bucket an hour or so later.

And then posted a 101.5 degree fever.

And he spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch under a blanket.

By 6pm, you could tell he was just done, the poor kid. He kept putting his head down on the pillow & burying his face in Bear and Maisy. He looked completely miserable.

So I asked him if he wanted to go upstairs and lay down in his bed, fully expecting him to tell me no, he wanted to lay on the couch.

But damned if he didn’t say yes.

I had to carry him upstairs and help him into his pajamas; he was so wiped out.

But when I put him into bed and tucked him under the covers, he snuggled in and said:

My bed is really comfortable, Mommy. I like my blue sheets. They make me warm.

And after a story? He was asleep in minutes. At 6:30pm. And though he was up overnight, once, it was to ask me to help him find one of his stuffed animals and he went right back into bed.

I used to think, when he was a baby, that he’d NEVER sleep. I wondered if I’d be sleep deprived forever.

It’s so nice to see that he’s finally getting that sleep is a good thing. Finally.



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  1. Hope he feels better soon. I’m glad he went to sleep willingly last night, what a relief for him and you.
    What is with ‘the sick’? Both K and L are sick today 😦

  2. Thank you for the hope that this truly is just a stage!

    I hope Lucky is feeling better soon.

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