Well. Uh.

February 17, 2012 at 5:37 pm | Posted in Infertility, Moving On. | 6 Comments

Went for our second opinion consult with New RE today.

Lucky, of course, woke up with pink eye today, so he had to be home. I’m not comfortable bringing Lucky with me – ever – to a fertility clinic. So Charlie Brown stayed home with him and I went alone.

The meeting went really well, all things considered. I LIKED New RE. She was late, yes, but she spent nearly an hour with me, going through my records, analyzing cycles. She went through every page of my records, even the OLD stuff from back in 2006. She answered every one of my questions.

We spent a good amount of time on my Ute. When I was going through my records a couple of days ago, my recent 3D u/s report talked about my septum as being 11mm. Wait, WHAT? A septum? Dr. HIT told me that it was strictly bicornuate now.

Anyway, gist of the testing and whatnot is that it’s really unclear if I have some remaining septum in there. It’s not big enough to go in and operate on, and New RE told me that if we didn’t KNOW that I had a septum resection, she wouldn’t even worry about it – 1cm or less is “typical” in women.

And since Dr. HIT cut until I started bleeding, it’s likely that he got all of the Bad Stuff; since bleeding signifies healthy endometrial lining which is good enough to support an embryo should it implant.

Okay then. Good.

We also talked about the cycle that worked with Lucky, and how I really wanted to replicate that last May when we did what we thought to be out final fresh cycle; how I felt like the combination of the assisted hatching and the antibiotics really was what worked, and how I didn’t think that Big City Clinic HAD used assisted hatching because I didn’t see it mentioned in my flowchart.

And she told me that it was possible that the AH was the variable that caused the cycle to work. Sometimes people just need assisted hatching, she said. She talked about how when the clinic decided to add AH into cycles for a specific age group, pregnancy rates went up. And so, she said, they do a lot of cycles with assisted hatching.

The annoying thing: we couldn’t find my transfer report for our May cycle. Which means she couldn’t prove or disprove my theory that Big City Clinic didn’t use AH. So I have homework on that.

She also said that, protocol-wise, Dr. HIT seemed to do pretty well with tweaking my cycles to get what worked. But she asked me if I ever used or considered an antagonist protocol, instead of the long Lupron protocol we’ve always used. She said that when she had patients who had unsuccessful cycles she liked to mix it up and try a different protocol, even if they’re getting good quality embryos.

So much of this is guesswork, she said with a shrug.

She also asked if we had any chromosomal testing done. (We haven’t.) Given Charlie Brown’s count numbers, she didn’t expect to see issues, but thought it was worth ruling out, because sometimes in severe MF cases there’s a translocation which makes it so that even what looks like a good embryo isn’t.

At the very end, she told me that she’d recommend a fresh cycle: an antagonist protocol with a transfer of two day 3 embryos, using assisted hatching.

[Thinking] That’s it, I think.

I felt, at the end, SORT of hopeful. Like well, hey, maybe. Maybe there’s hope. Maybe ART can work for us.

It dissipated pretty quickly though.

Another cycle. UGH.

Luckily, we don’t need to really DECIDE anything yet. Chromosomal testing for both of us – bloodwork. SA for Charlie Brown. CD 3 labs for me. Ensuring that they have a copy of my November 2011 sonohystogram report.

We have a follow up appointment with New RE on March 19. So we have time to think about what we want to do.

And this is really the first time that I can say this:

I really don’t know what that is.



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  1. Glad it went well. I’ve never had a doctor sit with me that long. That is awesome.

  2. You know, whatever happens, I think it is great that you have gotten the second opinion! Glad it went well!

  3. I am glad for a number of things in this post:
    -you went to see a new RE
    -as they go, you liked her (this is not a must, but helpful)
    -I like that she suggested an antagonist protocol
    -AH should be a must IMO
    -you have some time and some thing(s) to discuss, consider, think about

    I can tell you this, the heart wants what it wants. It may require us to literally go to the ends of the earth, but sometimes that is just what it takes. Here I am, 6dp4dt, of an FET with donated embryos that I don’t think worked and all I can think about it is those final 3 embryos we have frozen and what I’ll do if that cycle isn’t successful. It scares the hell out of me in a way that almost nothing else has/can.

  4. I’m glad things went well with the new RE. We did two antagonist cycles…and the 2nd time it worked (with 3-day and AH). I think 3-day transfers may work better with embryos that are more fragile…but I am biased because we are 2 for 2 with 3-days and 0 for 4 with 5-days. And, DUDE, they better have done AH. Do you have pictures of the embryos? Sometimes you can tell from the pictures.

    Ug. Makes me sick just thinking about all this stuff again. I hate IF and can see not wanting to go back there….but you’ve spent the past 10 months trying to move on and it just ain’t working.

    • So – the reason why I am questioning the AH back in May – when they gave us the picture of the embryos it didn’t look like they had done it at all, whereas with Lucky’s cycle it was CLEAR that they had used AH. I didn’t keep the pictures, which sort of sucks. But New RE told me that sometimes you can’t really tell from the pictures – that’s why she wants the transfer report from that particular transfer. I need to request that from my clinic.

  5. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. One of my friends at work just changed to my RE. She wasn’t feeling like her previous RE was mixing it up at all. She likes my RE (now hers too), as they did discuss diet. He now has her on a high protein diet. She says she never feels hungry anymore. I’m curious to see how it goes when she does a cycle with him in April. Sometimes I think switching is a good idea.

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