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I’ve spent the past few years on this space thinking that I should blog about all the big stuff that happens to me. You know, the big, deep stuff which I need to work through; to put on paper and figure out how I feel about it.

But then, you get a week like I’ve got going on. I’m entirely too busy and juggling a monstrous task list (yes, of my own doing) with insomnia. My entire days are spent on monotonous, repetitive, mind-numbing tasks which create no value.

Like laundry. Seriously, what is the freaking POINT? You spend hours to get some nice clean clothes which IMMEDIATELY go back into the hamper once you wear them. I have no feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT when I get it all done because I know the dirty clothes are going to reproduce and I’m going to have to do the same freaking thing again in two or three days.

And I realized on my way here this morning that I left wet laundry in the washer AGAIN this morning. Which means I’m going to have to re-wash it this afternoon when I get home. Maybe I’ll actually get it into the dryer tonight?

I know you’re all waiting with bated breath on that one.

*sigh* Laundry is lame.

But this week is Lucky’s Birthday Week. And it’s VERY important to me that Lucky feels celebrated on his birthday. My favorite memories of growing up were my birthdays; my mother ALWAYS made them special for me. Presents on the kitchen table when I woke up, I got to choose the menu for the day, my own special birthday cake that *I* got to pick out and my mom would bake for me. Candles, singing, special gatherings with my friends.

So this weekend, Lucky will wake up to presents on Saturday. Then Charlie Brown’s family is coming over for New England Boiled Dinner (it IS St. Patrick’s Day, after all!) and Lucky’s ‘special’ egg free cake. And Sunday? We’re taking him, my nephew, and his best friend from school to a playspace and then having pizza, presents, and cupcakes at our place afterwards.

I’m also trying to balance being billable for 8 hours a day when I work. Before now, I never felt pressure, per se, to get! things! accomplished! quite to the level I am now. Because I am billing this client for every hour worked, which means that I really need to be PRODUCTIVE with that time. I can’t waste time.

This is a long way of explaining why I haven’t blogged for a couple of days: My head is clogged with stuff that needs to get done, but doesn’t really make for good blog fodder.

That said, I love the flexibility of my new job, and I especially love how I am not at my old company right now. I love that the client here treats me with respect, asks me what I think about an accounting issue. I love that I’m working with a former colleague from my Old Audit Firm. I love that I can leave here at 3 and hit the gym or get in a 4 mile run in the afternoon before I pick up Lucky from school. I love that I’ve turned into That Mom who shows up to pick up her kid in workout gear.

I am busy as hell, but I gotta say: I really like it.

Balance is going to be my new challenge, though. I have had days where I haven’t gotten everything I want crossed off my own task list and I get stressed out by it. My BFF J pointed out that I’m taking on Charlie Brown’s tasks as my own, and I have to make sure I’m taking time for me, too.

Which is hard. I took Mondays off to catch up so that things are easier on my FAMILY. And I am stealing more time to work out, so that has to be enough. Which is dangerous thinking, of course. Task lists are good, but they need to be realistic. Maybe I need to schedule in tasks for MYSELF. Like lunch out, or a hike, or a walk in a park, or an hour or two with a good book at a coffee shop.

Balance. Always my challenge. But I’m working on it.

In the meantime: how is it that I will have a four year old on Saturday? When did that HAPPEN?



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  1. I feel the same way about laundry – and also dishes. Once they’re done, you just have to do it all again. So frustrating!
    And I totally feel the same way about being the mom who goes to pick up my son in workout clothes. I always wear my really long coat over them, like that way nobody will know!
    It’s taken me awhile to figure out how to balance what exactly to do with my time off, but I think I’ve gotten it figured out. And I’ve noticed that everything still doesn’t get done. But more is getting done than before, at least.

  2. So glad that you are happier and finding your way. It’s early days, still, so give balance some time. Striving for balance can get in the way of achieving balance. if that makes sense.

  3. First, I’ve let laundry sit overnight in the washer and didn’t rewash and they were fine.

    Second, you’re rocking this new gig and still working out the specifics. Cut yourself some slack here.

    Third, you’re awesome.

  4. I echo Heather on the laundry – my rule of thumb is less than 24 hrs is usually ok. I take issue with folding the stuff though. Meh.
    It took me a long time to find a new routine when I changed my hours. At first, I would freak out because I came in to the office so darn late but now, I love it.

  5. Happy birthday, Lucky! March birthdays are the best kind. πŸ™‚

  6. I actually really love doing laundry- I find it hugely satisfying. But I am weird that way. I hate cleaning bathrooms, even though I know it has to be done. I get no satisfaction from it.

    With your to-do list, given I am a total to-do list nerd, have you tried making a weekly one rather than a daily one? Or do you triage the list into ‘absolutely must do today’ vs. ‘get done this week’ vs. ‘gee would be nice to get down but no rush’? I also cut myself a lot of slack about moving things from one weekly list to another (I use the Moleskin diary where you have the week on one side, and notepaper on the other). So I’ll maybe write down TAXES for three weeks before I finally do them, but this way I don’t forget.

    I also am very careful not to put something on the to-do list that I know I can’t yet tackle. I’ll write it down somewhere else. Because I do get stressed if there is something on it and I know I can’t cross it off. I keep long-term to-do lists for that.

    The job is new. It will take some time to make it all fit! I think you are doing super well.

    And Happy Birthday, Lucky! Wow the time is flying!

  7. Happy birthday, Lucky! I remember like yesterday checking your blog and hearing the news!! time flies!!!!!!!!!! I love what you said about wanting him to feel celebrated. I feel the same way. Birthdays are a big deal at our house as well!

  8. I sometimes leave the laundry in the dryer for a day or two as if I’m in denial about its existence and it’s need to be folded.

    It’s hard to find balance with a new job and working in a different space and balancing all the other changes in life (Lucky’s needs, for instance, change once you get accustomed to filling the old ones). But you’ll find it.

    And on that note, happy birthday, Lucky!

  9. It is hard to not define yourself by the “to do” list…as someone that is used to having work dictate what is completed on that list…the onus now falls on you to decide what is important…which can be more of a challenge than you would think. I have a “to do” list that I write on a chalk board each week with 5-7 things I want to accomplish. I usually think it will take me a week to accomplish these things and it typically takes 2-3 weeks. So, I have been working on relaxing and telling myself that seeking the end of the “to do” list is like looking for nirvana….it’s not gonna happen for me. The moment I have everything crossed off…suddenly I have 10 more things to do. SOO…I think including some “you” things on that list is a good idea. Go to the coffee shop and just enjoy this gorgeous weather! Better yet…get a nice glass of white wine and sit outside!

  10. Laundry is my nemesis. Did you ever see Stephanie’s post about this? You must go now: … it will make you feel better.

    And I’ve had the week from hell: laundry, an interview (which got canceled halfway through the day because of some emergency someone had that I’m still waiting for them to explain), part time work (that I’m not doing because of said interview prep) … and NOT blogging. πŸ˜›

    HBD, Lucky! You’re one lucky kid. πŸ™‚

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