Poo update.

March 27, 2012 at 8:12 am | Posted in motherhood | 6 Comments

I swear, there will be a day where I can actually dump all the stuff that’s in my head into the computer and I’ll write more than update blog posts.

That time is not now, though.

Over the weekend, I happened to be in the bathroom with Lucky when he pooped BOTH days. Where he told me “Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom” and then, in a public bathroom, did his business.

I figured, oh well, we’ll rule out constipation, at least. I told him that they were going to take a picture of his insides to see if he had a lot of poop in there. And we went, and he did GREAT with the x-ray. I snuck a look at the screen and saw a couple of dark spots that I thought was stool. Figured, oh well.

Except the pediatrician’s office called me yesterday. And the x-ray showed that he WAS actually constipated. Apparently stool doesn’t show up on an x-ray as dark – it’s translucent white. The dark spots are pockets of air. Normal, from what I’ve heard, is where it’s ALL air.

To what extent is he constipated? No idea. The nurse was fairly unhelpful when I asked the question. She reiterated our marching instructions: 3/4 capful Mira.lax dissolved in 8oz liquid daily. Follow up appointment on April 30; call if it gets worse or I have any questions.

So we started it this morning.

I admit that I am really hoping this is the culprit. But, you know, at the same time, these sorts of issues not always cut and dry. I do think he’s also struggling with the fact that he doesn’t WANT to stop what he’s doing and use the potty when he’s in the midst of playing (aka: all the time).

But hopefully we’ll see some improvement in the coming weeks. It’s sorely needed, for ALL of us.



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  1. My sister gives my nephew mira-stuff and it has helped them tremendously. We used it with K sometimes if she hasn’t been in a few days. My nephew gets it three days a week at lunch at his daycare because that seems to work best for his system. You may have to play around with dose/days/time of dose to see what works best. Don’t give up hope.

  2. Hooray for mommy instincts!

    That seems like a big dose for a kid who IS stooling already. Watch him and don’t be afraid to back down on that dose if things are getting a little too loose. (I’m an adult and that dose would kill me within a week.)

    Hope it works for him!

  3. Go Mommy gut!

    I hope it helps and that this was part of the issue.


  4. Hope it does work! 🙂

  5. Fingers crossed that this will help and then you can work on getting him to be more willing to stop what he is doing to poop!

  6. We used Mira-Lax with Al.ex and it really really works. Make sure you follow the instructions (it doesn’t dissolve well in non-clear liquids) and also – if you have a Cost.co near you – their generic works well and is half the cost.

    Hope it works well for you guys!

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