Lightening Up.

April 18, 2012 at 7:59 am | Posted in motherhood | 8 Comments

So yeah, I’m still processing through the fact that my kid could have died from the cashew he ate on Sunday night.

In the meantime, shall we lighten things up a bit?

I want to share with you some of the awesome things that Lucky has done/said in the recent past.

Because man, the kid cracks me up.

In the hospital on Sunday night, once he was feeling better? He looked down at himself, looked at us, and deadpanned: Wow. I have a lot of stuff on me!

After we left the emergency room Sunday night, when we got outside, he asked: Are we at the airport?

He insists when I get him into his carseat that he’s an astronaut, and I have to ‘strap him into the pilot seat.’ And then I’m not allowed to start the car until he does the countdown.

Which begins with him making radio sounds, then saying in a deep voice: The shuttle Endeavor is go for launch. T minus 25 seconds until liftoff.

Every night, just before bed, he tells me I’m his favorite Mommy in the whole world.

Last night, when I had to remind him for the millionth time that he needs to work on relaxing his body so he can fall asleep: But Mommy, my body needs a dance party!

And then: Mommy, do I have a skeleton inside me? How did my bones get there?

To which I told him that his bones formed when he was a baby inside my belly. He thought about that for a second, then said,

You ate my bones?

I believe that parents have a specific age in which they are strongest at parenting. Some people it’s babies, some toddlers, others teenagers, others adult children. Et cetera.

I was not a very good baby mother. I had trouble when he was a toddler.

Four, however? This is a good age for me.



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  1. What a creative kid! I love these. I need to write down some of the things that N says to me…I love this age (sans tantrums and poop issues).

  2. Love it! Like you, I was never a good baby mother…four-five were my favorite years! (I think every year has great highlights–but I have such great memories of that age)

  3. His body needs a dance party – I love it!! Made me laugh out loud. 🙂 I think I could always use a dance party.

    I agree about everyone having a best age for parenting. My dad’s is definitely adult children; I think my mom’s was preschool. I hope yours lasts longer than just four, though. Maybe you could be good at 5 + 6, too?

  4. Love it!!!
    I’m like you – I sucked big time at baby, was so-so at toddler but I’m loving this stage now. It’s so much fun!!

  5. I bet you were a much better baby and toddler mother than you give yourself credit for. But I think it is awesome you are enjoying this stage so much.

    And Lucky’s bon mots are just fantastic. The dance party one is my favourite.

  6. It just gets better and better from here. Keep talking. Nonsense, serious stuff, etc and keep listening….you will form a bond that will last forever. (said by the mother of bright, happy, well adjusted boys that still call me to say hi or chat for a bit almost daily and some days call more than once)
    Keep writing down the things he says. You think you will never forget…but as time flies by, there will be so many great things you can’t possibly remember them all 🙂

  7. That’s hilarious! So glad you are writing this stuff down for posterity (& future blackmail, lol).

    I agree with your theory about parenting. I know lots of women who are ga-ga over their babies — but once they develop into toddlers (or teenagers, eeek!) the thrill is gone, lol. One of my former bosses had no use for babies (would refer to coworker’s baby as “the kid” :p) but told me she absolutely loved the discussions she could have with her 10-year-old — “he’s so much more interesting now.”

  8. Lucky is a riot – I laughed out loud reading “You ate my bones.”

    I have to admit I held my breath reading your last two posts. I’ve got some wicked allergies, so I know exactly how frightening this can be. I think you handled that with grace and I’m willing to wager your were a terrific baby / toddler Mom – because I can’t imagine Lucky being the super creative & smart boy he seems to be if that wasn’t true.

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