Allergy Update.

April 24, 2012 at 11:09 am | Posted in allergies | 2 Comments

(Last one, I promise!)

Lucky and I went to the allergist yesterday morning, where the allergist gave him a skin test for a whole HOST of allergies. Every type of tree nut. Every type of shellfish and fish. They also tested him for egg whites and yolks again, just to see.

Seriously, he had three COLUMNS on his back, and a couple down the back of his arm.

He tested negative for everything except egg whites, egg yolks, cashews and pistachios.

(And the cashews – hoo boy there was a MASSIVE hive.)

The allergist remarked, Well, it’s fair to say it was definitely the cashew.

We are to avoid all tree nuts, even the ones he isn’t allergic to, because nut allergies can be developed, and they’re nearly always Very Bad when they do develop.

The doctor also confirmed for me that he still might grow out of the egg allergy, but likely will not grow out of the nut allergy.

And, if we ever have occasion to USE an epi pen again, we STILL need to head to the emergency room, because the epi pen might wear off before the allergic reaction does.

I am feeling a LOT better; just removing the uncertainty of a reaction from something we DIDN’T realize was an issue settles my nerves so much more.

Because my fear came from the not knowing. I didn’t KNOW he was allergic to cashews. And that Not Knowing made my brain question those alarm bells in my gut; the instinct that nearly had me screaming with fear He’s going to die!

It’s like my brain couldn’t process the feelings quick enough. I felt dim-witted, wondering, but he can breathe! He’s okay. I think. Wait, man, he doesn’t seem okay. Calm down, there’s time. He’s breathing. No wheezing. That means he’s okay right? Does it? Shit, I don’t KNOW.

Sort of funny in retrospect how slow I was to process what was going on.

Lucky has been great, too, with learning what he’s allergic to. If you ask him now what he can’t eat, he’ll tell you that eggs make him sick, and cashews make it so that he can’t blow his nose and he needs to go to the hospital. We’ve told him that the ONLY kind of nut he can have is peanuts and peanut butter, so that he doesn’t have to go to the hospital, and he seems to be pretty accepting of it.

All’s well that ends well, for sure.



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  1. Glad to know you have a definitive answer.

    I’m sure you’ve started looking into this- is avoiding tree nuts as much of a pain as avoiding peanuts? Will Lucky have to stay away from anything made in a facility that makes things with tree nuts for fear of cross-contamination?


  2. The whole thing sounded so scary and I am glad you have the answers now. Glad to hear he is pretty good with knowing what he is allergic to.

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