The downside of a new protocol.

June 20, 2012 at 8:28 am | Posted in IVF #6: Quiet Hope | 8 Comments

I did my first repronex injection on Monday morning. Like a mad scientist, I followed my clinic’s instructions and mixed two vials of the medication with one vial of the saline fluid.

It’s a LOT of fluid – 2ccs of it. I watched as it pooled under the skin in my belly, but left it, thinking it was better to let my body absorb it.

By 5pm that night, it was bruised and red and swollen and painful to the touch. And massive – about three inches in diameter. Right on the waistband of most of my pants.

Dr Google tells me it’s a side effect of repronex. A lot of women complain about it – it leaves welts on your belly at the injection site; it feels bruised and is painful to the touch for a couple of days. A few women suggested that if you massage it in once you do the injection, the welts aren’t as bad.

So I tried that yesterday morning – after injecting, I rubbed the area really hard; trying to work it in. Thankfully the welt is MUCH smaller than it was that first night, but I still have a painful lump at the injection site.

Two now.

Will be three tonight.

I hope I don’t run out of places to inject the stuff next week.


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  1. It is a bit ironic as Repronex was originally touted to reduce the injection site reactions of other stim meds. Guess not.

    At least there are a finite of stim injections. I also iced prior to my stim injection (like for 10 minutes so the skin was numb) which I thought also helped (just having the blood vessels constricted in the area).

    Good luck. Glad you are underway.

    • Huh, really? I had no idea. All I know is that I have never reacted to Lupron or Gonal-F. This stuff, though. Ow. Will have to try the ice tomorrow.

  2. Oh that sucks. I had terrible terrible bruising with the frag.min, but luckily no welts. I did have to keep moving the injection site though to find a fresh spot.

    Glad things are moving. Good luck.

    • That’s pretty much what I’m doing right now. Started lower right side of my bellybutton, then upper left side. Today was upper right side, tomorrow lower left side. I expect I’ll have to move outward soon! 🙂

  3. You might check with your clinic. 2cc’s of fluid seems like a lot. Every time I’ve done repronex it’s only been 1cc mixed with two vials. Hoping for no more welts for you 🙂

    • Thanks, K – after seeing your comment, it struck me: I may have not really looked very closely when actually injecting the meds. (I’ve long given up paying attention beyond what I need to know!) What I know: It’s one vial of liquid to two vials of repronex. Maybe it’s not more than 1cc and I’m exaggerating! [blushing]

  4. Oh, I hated that stuff. I also iced the spot pre-injection and then rubbed like heck afterwards. I found it reduced the welts to almost nothing. My fave (if you CAN have such at thing – can you??) was the Puregon in the pen injector. It was pre-mixed, easy to administer, zero pain and zero bruising. Wish they could all be like that!

    • That’s my gonal-f pen. So easy to use. It’s awesome. I’ll try the icing tomorrow- hopefully it will help even more! It’s right around now that I feel the discomfort most acutely. Ah well. Only two weeks of it, right?

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