Cycle Update.

June 27, 2012 at 2:38 pm | Posted in IVF #6: Quiet Hope | 12 Comments

Got a call yesterday from my clinic which went to voicemail – I was at my acupuncture appointment.

My E2 was 2,545, and I have 18 follicles, 9 on either side.

They triggered me last night. Charlie got to do his first ever injection, since the trigger shot is done intramuscularly. And, honestly, it was EASY, mostly because I spent the afternoon in a state of near-panic at the idea of him giving me a shot in my ass. So by the time he did it, I had worked myself into an anxious state and was like, Wow, is that really it?

Then I had ice cream.

But wait. Can we talk about the numbers above for a bit?

I have NEVER had a response where I have a good number of follicles like this – without my E2 also being through the roof.

Let’s review, shall we?

IVF #1: E2 was 5,000-something when they triggered me. Ended up with moderate OHSS and a burst follicle. 18 eggs retrieved.

IVF #2: Cancelled due to E2 being over 5,700. 15-18 follicles showed up on my last scan.

IVF #3: oversuppression protocol at my request: double the Lupron and 100iu of Gonal-F. Triggered when my E2 was 1,800 and got 10 eggs.

IVF #4: E2 was 4,300, they got 28 eggs, and I had mild OHSS. Yuck.

IVF #5: Also an oversuppression protocol at my request. E2 was in the low 2,000 when I triggered. 12 eggs retrieved.

IVF #6: New protocol: E2 at 2,545 and 18 follicles presenting via u/s

I can’t tell you it’s the new protocol – after all, I am 36 now and my last IVF cycle was more than a year ago. Maybe age DOES play into E2 levels.

And I can’t tell you that this will make good quality embryos, either.

But I’ll take it, because at the very least it’ll be less of a recovery, right?

And we only need one good embryo.

Retrieval is tomorrow at 9:15. Which makes transfer Sunday.

And then next week we can go back to our regularly scheduled programming, where I complain about my lack of time for doing much of anything right now. πŸ™‚



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  1. Wishing you lots and lots of luck. Every body part I have that can be crossed is crossed for you right now.

  2. Those are good numbers!! Good Luck, hon! I am soo hoping for you. πŸ™‚

  3. Your cycle sounds like mine and it was my BEST one ever and the one that worked, sending those same success vibes to you dear friend! xoxo, I prayed before and am continuing to do so!

  4. I am THRILLED to hear this good news and of your great response. I can’t believe ER is tomorrow!!!!! Please update us.

    Pulling for you with everything I’ve got.

  5. Good luck!!!!!

  6. That all looks great. GOOD LUCK tomorrow.

  7. So much is different this cycle, and any one of the changes could be the missing link to getting you where you want to be. I’m SO hoping that luck and science work their magic for you this time.

  8. Good luck – I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  9. Great numbers! Good luck tomorrow!

  10. Best of luck tomorrow!

  11. OMG! Transfer on Sunday, that’s right around the corner! So excited and hopeful for you.

  12. Sounds promising enough though? Time will tell. Interested to hear the retrieval/embryo comparisons.

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