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I spent too much of my day reading about the Aurora shootings yesterday. I’m not sure why, maybe because I read that a 3 month old was injured and a 9 year old was carried out, not moving.

It’s so senseless. The idea that someone could be so angry and detached from life enough to KILL.

People he didn’t even know. Babies. Wives. Husbands. Kids. Daughters. Sons.

Since my cousin took her life with my uncle’s service revolver, I have recused myself from the debates on gun control. I have no objectivity. To me, guns exist solely for the purpose of exterminating life. And I believe that all life should be respected.

But I also believe that people should have rights. I believe that whomever wants to marry should be able to marry. I believe that a woman should have control over her reproductive rights.

So I struggle with the whole issue.

In the meantime, I shake my head in horror whenever there’s something like this.

Charlie Brown is eagerly looking forward to seeing the movie. He and my neighbor were planning on seeing it this weekend.

It could happen here. It could happen to Lucky in 10 years when we let him go see his first late night movie with his friends.


All I can do is keep talking to him, and teaching him compassion for others, and hope that other parents are teaching their kids compassion too.

Hard to keep hope, though, in the face of the incomprehensible.


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  1. It’s one thing to say people have the right to own guns and another that says they have the right to own semi-automatic machine guns with large capacity magazines that allow them to get off 1000 shots without reloading. Those are two very, very different things.

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