Meet Lucky’s Favorite Things.

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Meet Crying Bear.

I know you’ve heard a lot about him, but I’m not sure I’ve actually introduced you all to him.

Crying Bear is allergic to eggs, and cashews, and pistachios, and almonds. He’s Lucky’s baby – always cries “Mang! Mang!” and doesn’t have any words.

He always volunteers to go first whenever Lucky is worried – at the pediatrician, the allergist, the dentist. He’s really good with getting shots, patient. He cries, of course – after all, his name is Crying Bear! – but he holds still and waits for Lucky to give him another shot.

Crying Bear is essential when it comes time for sleeping, and he often needs hugs and nose rubs.

(Cutest thing EVER – Lucky rubbing Bear on his face and saying, I wuv you, Bear.)

When Bear dances? He does the Robot.

This weekend, Crying Bear was naughty. I came into the room to hear Lucky say to Bear, holding him in the crook of his arm, Bear, I love you so much, but I need you to stop yelling. It’s hurting my ears. If you yell again, I will have to put you into a Time Out.

Crying Bear did, in fact, yell again, and I was asked to set Mr. Timer so that Bear knew when his Time Out was over.

And Lucky sat with Bear the whole time, on the stairs, to keep him company. Because, Bear might be lonely in his Time Out, and Lucky didn’t want him to cry.


This is Spoochy.

Spoochy came to us when we were on the Big Boat this past Christmas – a celebration for the day that Lucky kept his underwear dry.

Spoochy speaks in dolphin (which is sort of amazing, Lucky actually manages a very realistic dolphin sonar sound. NO idea where he got it, but it’s perfect).

He can eat ANYFING because he has no allergies to eggs or tree nuts. His favorite meal is fish, but he also loves pancakes and pasta and pizza.

He’s always the first in the morning to use the bathroom, even before Lucky will go.

Spoochy is sometimes Crying Bear’s best friend. Sometimes he’s Crying Bear’s Daddy. Sometimes he’s just Spoochy, Mommy.

Spoochy goes along with us whenever Crying Bear needs a nap (and because he’s a baby, Bear naps a lot). Spoochy is always excited to do something new, he’s never scared about anything, and he LOVES meeting new people.

Even though Spoochy doesn’t have any allergies, he was the one who went to the Emergency Room with us back in April. Once Lucky was feeling better, he made me walk around his bed and teach him what everything was used for. Spoochy now is keen on having his blood pressure taken. He doesn’t mind getting shots, but he doesn’t like having stickers on his heart. Who can blame him? I wouldn’t like that either.

Spoochy recently had some surgery – when we were on our family camping trip, some of his seams started unravelling, and I became his hero because I sewed him up. We didn’t have any extra band aids, but it was okay because he wasn’t bleeding. And he’s much better now!

When Spoochy dances? He stands on his tail and moves back and forth, like he was juggling a beach ball.


This is John Lobster.

He just joined our family this weekend, after a trip to LL Bean in Maine. He’s red, which is Lucky’s favorite color in the whole world.

John Lobster has pinchers, which he uses on bad guys who have shooters who shoot people in the face.But. He doesn’t use the pinchers on friends; actually he loves Crying Bear and Spoochy, and they’re all best friends now. Crying Bear and John Lobster like to hug each other and jump up and down together.

John Lobster loves the planet Jupiter, which is Lucky’s favorite planet too. (Spoochy? Loves Earth, because There’s no water in space, Mommy. Spoochy lives in the water!)

John Lobster doesn’t like dancing with Bear and Spoochy. Instead, he eats pizza and watches.

But we have to be careful, because John Lobster is allergic to eggs and cashews just like Bear and Lucky. But he can’t seem to stop eating them, though – he’s been to the hospital Sixty Ninety times! because he can’t stop eating stuff that makes him need shots.

(He must really, really like shots, because he doesn’t even use his pinchers on the doctors or nurses.)


When Lucky took to Crying Bear when he was an infant, I don’t really KNOW what our life would be like more than 4 years later. He could have grown out of them just as quickly as he fell in love with them, right?

But he hasn’t. They’ve turned into some of his best friends.

And it’s just so amazing to see.

I love that he has a Crying Bear and a Spoochy and a John Lobster, with names that HE chose for them.

I love that he loves them like they’re his closest friends. I love that he takes care of them, that he needs hugs from them whenever he needs some comfort. I love that he sleeps with them and excitedly tells them about the fun adventure they’ll have in the washing machine! – whenever they need to be washed.

I love seeing how sweet he can be with his stuffed friends.

I love that he’s figuring out rules as well by making sure his stuffed animals follow our rules (i.e. no yelling). I love seeing that his first reaction was to give Bear a warning about how loud he was being, and telling him that he was going to give him another chance.

I love that he’s absorbing our parenting, where we have spent so much time over the past four years treating him respectfully, even when he’s acting like a complete caveman crazy neanderthal insane psychomaniac.

I love that he has a safe place at home with animals who love him no matter what might happens at school – especially right now when all his classmates are figuring out interpersonal dynamics. I love that he has a buffer at home against the “You’re NOT my best friend anymore!” at school.

And I know this: I will miss his friends whenever he grows up enough where he doesn’t need them anymore.

I just hope it’s not anytime soon.


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  1. This is so cute (and hilarious)! I love how things like this give you insight into how kids are thinking.

  2. OMG, this is such a cute post!!

    I love it so much–I think I will have to do a post like this too.

    I distinctly remember some of my sons favorite stuffed animals and how they got their names….I should write it down, because, you know–right now, most of them are in a box to go into storage (!)

  3. Oh I love it. E. has really taken to his Berenice Bunny (which is a bunny headed blanket much like Lucky’s Crying Bear that I bought for E. after you directed me back to the posts where Lucky first took a liking to him, and then Q. wouldn’t let me put Berenice in the crib until after E’s first birthday. Once we did, she was his special sleeping friend about a week later- he cuddles up with her and holds her up against his face.)

    (I took my cougar to the UK with me when I started my Master’s degree. He was only relegated to a side table when I moved in with Q.)


  4. Our boys “friends” have traveled with us on all our vacations and are still front and center in their own places now. When S1 was in high school I was finishing up some laundry while were were beach vacationing and put things into his suitcase for our trip home the next day and found ‘Friskers’ in the corner of the bag. It made me smile to know that S1 didn’t want to break the tradition of his friend coming along. Little does he know that Friskers will be on the beach with him the day he gets married this fall…..I’m not sure how, or where, but he will be there.

  5. Love this post. It IS strange which animals kids gravitate to? My son can’t sleep without his “lambie”, one of those Lambchop stuffed animals I thought neither of the kids would like…

  6. That’s sweet. I. is really into stuffed animals, but none of them have human names (unless they are a Disney character). They are Baa-Baa Sheep, Mama Puffin, Baby Puffin, Teddy Bear, etc. She is an avid rescuer of stuffed animals; at Thanksgiving she threw Oscar-worthy hysterics about a tie-dyed stuffed cat belonging to her friend: “That kitty NEEDS me!” And it probably did! On every visit to my parents’ house, she will bring back at least two of my old, slightly musty-smelling stuffed toys. Last weekend I. brought home a little stuffed dog from her cousin’s house, which I remember seeing on our 12-year-old nephew’s bed many years ago.

    N. likes stuffed animals in her own way, mostly to play veterinarian. Shots all around!

  7. 🙂

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