Friday Night Leftovers.

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I’m stealing this idea from Cece today, because it’s Friday and man, I can’t think beyond wanting to yell WOO HOO IT’S FRIDAY!!!

  • I knew I was tempting fate when I posted about how the potty issues have gotten so much better since adding the miralax back into Lucky’s daily diet. Sure enough, yesterday when I got to school, he was barefoot, because, Mommy, my sneakers have pee on them! From what I can gather, he didn’t quite make it to the bathroom in time, though he did clean up the bathroom all! by! himself! Still, though, I count this as progress, because he a) did actually feel that he had to go, and b) ran to the bathroom instead of just going in his pants then and there.
  • Did you know that you can wash Keen sneakers in the washer, on gentle cycle, without issue? I’m happy about that, because his sneakers were WET. I thought I was going to have to throw them out. Thank you, internet.
  • Lucky described for me, in great detail this morning, his plans for the shower he was going to put on his submarine. How he was going to have a hole on the outside of the submarine, which was attached to a pipe that went all the way to the center of the boat, on the floor of the bathroom, where it would then go into ANOTHER pipe which attached to the shower part.
  • I’m pretty sure by the time he’s 10 we’ll be using him to fix stuff around the house, since neither Charlie nor I have any sort of inclination to do so.
  • (That’s not to suggest my husband doesn’t have skillz, mind you. Just no time.)
  • I spent a couple of hours last weekend geeking out on budget spreadsheets. And though I still haven’t completely finished EVERYTHING, I did learn a couple of interesting facts. First, Charlie’s salary alone is enough to cover our recurring monthly bills. Mostly – there would be some months that would be tight, especially when our electric bill is 5x the normal run rate because it’s farking hot and humid and we’re indulging in lovely, happy air central air conditioning. But it’s close.
  • That means, though, that we spend a LOT of money.
  • Which means we can scale  back, you know, a scosh, and sock away a LOT MORE money into savings, and maybe by the time Lucky gets into kindergarten we’ll have so much saved I can maybe actually stop working.
  • I need to do more work on putting us on a real budget and finding the time/inclination to ensure that we’re sticking to it on a regular basis before I can declare this a Real Plan, of course.
  • So it’s kind of perfect that next week we are going to Lake Winnepesaukee for our annual trip with my in-laws. And my SIL just so happens to be slightly obsessed with saving and budgeting and all sorts of other personal finance belt-tightening techniques. It’s like the motherlode of budget creation, right there.
  • Course, she’s probably going to tell me I can’t buy any more cute running shorts. *sigh*
  • I did, finally, get a letter from my doctor about her recommendations based on our last cycle. Her recommendation is a FET where we transfer 2 blastocysts, “which we would expect to have a high likelihood of pregnancy.”
  • I really don’t know how I feel about that recommendation. A whole lot of ambivalence. I don’t like ANY of the choices, really. But mostly I’m kind of tired of obsessing over decisions which, at the end of the day, don’t really make any sort of difference in whether or not we actually get pregnant.
  • Our feelings aside, Charlie and I actually agreed that it didn’t make a whole lot of sense not insist on a single embryo transfer, given our 1-live-birth-for-18-embryos-transferred success statistic. We have decided to trust our doctor and go with what she recommends.
  • The discussion was short, and quick, and my husband completely surprised me with his answer. I think it’s the first time he’s given me a concrete opinion about treatments which hasn’t been “I’ll support whatever you want to do.”
  • And I’m SO thankful he said that, because I honestly don’t know how I feel about it or what I’d do if he didn’t have an opinion.

That’s it for me.  Very much looking forward to our vacation on the lake. I have planned some short runs, a couple of open water swims, lots of ice cream and beach sandcastles and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Which means I’ll be off the grid for the week. And I will catch up with you all next week, I promise!



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  1. We have been doing the budget thing, too. It is so easy to fritter. I actually spent a month carrying a little notebook and pen in my handbag and writing down all my cash spending because it was way too high. Making myself notice for a month was all it took to cut back by cash spending by 30%. I will happily read and comment on any posts you have about household budget tips.

    (Ceiling fans is one of my biggest budget tips. We spent about $500 installing two strategically and they paid for themselves in less than a year.)

    (Unfortunately, never getting around to buying clothes for myself is one of my other budget tips… although I think I’m nearly due there!)

  2. I hope you’re having a great vacation! I love reading about budgeting and personal finance. I’ve kept track of my spending since 2000 — about a year after college, when I was lonely and in a new city (hello, emotional spending!) — and I think it’s just a good lifelong habit, although I know some financial planners disagree. Again, the emotional spending — you want to be able to recognize patterns.

    Speaking of off the grid, my own biggest budget tip for utilities is to take advantage of budget-billing options. We pay roughly the same amount every month; it’s adjusted every quarter and once a year we settle up with a larger or smaller bill for a month. I know several people who say they want to ONLY pay for what they used that month and then bitch endlessly about their bills, especially in the summertime here. I guess that’s their form of fun. : P

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