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September 11, 2012 at 9:29 pm | Posted in And I ran (I ran so far away), another cycle! (aka: deja vu) | 5 Comments

(aka: A post in bullets)

  • I changed up my blog’s look , after a walk on the beach with my boys this weekend and I managed to snap a picture I absolutely adore. In my old header, Lucky had just turned 2. He’s bigger and a LOT more fun now. And I love this picture of my boys.
  • What do you think of it?
  • I finally got the go ahead to start progesterone yesterday. My lining stands at 6mm in the left horn and 7mm in the right horn.  Transfer is Saturday, where we are planning to put 2 blasts into my right horn. This is the tested side; where Lucky was during my pregnancy with him.
  • Not that I think it’s going to work, mind you. But for whatever reason it makes me happier to think that we’re not working in uncharted territory this time.
  • PIO sucks. The first shot went okay, Charlie did it just fine, but it was sore immediately and I have a hard time not limping today. I have the kind in olive oil – yeah, the most viscous stuff. Last night I put the vial in my bra for about 20 minutes before the shot and we did massage after. Tonight I tried a heating pad afterwards. It still hurts. It’s not awful, it just feels like I pulled a muscle. In my butt.
  • Now on BOTH sides. Ow.
  • I don’t know how you all who did multiple cycles did PIO. Seriously, I’m ready to be done and I’ve only had TWO SHOTS.
  • Work totally sucks right now. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m hormonal and stressed and hormonal but OMFG I want to kill everyone. I hate work, I hate being stressed, and I LOATHE the traffic into Boston every day.  I am really hoping this is  my last week on this job because I really could use a break.
  • Have I mentioned I’m hormonal?
  • I was supposed to run a 10k on Sunday morning. Since we’re doing a transfer on Saturday, I can’t run it. And it makes me bitter because I LOVE this 10k. It’s always my best race of the season, it’s right on the coast, it’s gorgeous, and I’m not going to run it this time. And I can’t even justify it – my running friends that know about the cycle all agreed it makes sense to sit it out.
  • Boo.
  • This better work.
  • My best friend and I are fine now; she’s really awesome and I love her and I was happy we were able to resolve things with minimal angst. In fact, she’s going to look after Lucky on Saturday while we head down to the clinic for transfer. And then we’re all doing dinner at their place – we’re bringing stuff, of course.
  • Charlie calls what we’re doing lately “making lemonade.” That’s like our anniversary weekend, where instead of going away with friends because I needed an u/s + b/w, we dropped Lucky off at my SIL’s for the night, made dinner (surf and turf!) and then went for a 8 mile hike in the mountains the next day. Because really, transfers on the weekend are NOT ideal, but Lucky gets some playtime with my BFF’s daughter and we get to spend time with our friends. Not too shabby.

That’s what’s going on with me right now. Here’s hoping I can come up for air soon and read – and comment – on your blogs.




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  1. Love the new header! Wishing you the best for this cycle! (Wishing I was on a beach eaying surf and turf…)

  2. Love the new header, glad that you were able to work things out with your friend, and sorry about the 10k! I totally think you should quit and come hang out with me. 😉

  3. Love the pic, love the header.
    Sorry about the 10K.
    Can’t believe transfer is upon you!

  4. Are they wearing matching outfits? I never put my boys in matching outfits on purpose, but when it happens to work out that way, I always need to get a picture.

    Glad you are finally getting to move forward with the progesterone and the transfer.

  5. Love the new header. 🙂


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