Beta Day.

September 26, 2012 at 8:34 am | Posted in another cycle! (aka: deja vu), Mythical #2, Pregnancy | 5 Comments

Last night, after work, I went for a run. I left about a half hour later than I should have, so I had to cut my run short – didn’t have reflective gear or a headlamp and just don’t like the idea of running by the Charles in the dark.

And per the past week or so, the first two miles kinda sucked, so I took it slow and steady and slowed down until I could get into a groove. But then? Mile 3 absolutely rocked. I finished my run to my power song. And for a moment, actually doubted that I was pregnant.

I just felt so damn GOOD.

I remedied that, of course, when I got home – thankfully I still had a cheapy pregnancy test which showed a line pretty quickly.

I also used my last FRED this morning.

If there was any doubt, it’s gone now.

Walking out of the hospital today, I saw a heavily pregnant woman nearly glowing with happiness as she said to a complete stranger, I am due in 2 days but they want to induce me. Hopefully we’ll get to meet the baby today.

I am pregnant.

Even better?

In 33-something weeks, plus or minus, I might be like her. Waiting to meet our new baby.


Lucky is totally into drawing right now, both at school and at home. Which honestly, I love more than a little. He’s been such a physical kid for so long, prone to running around and building with legos and playing sports than sitting in one place and coloring or drawing.

So it’s nice, now, to know that we’ll get some quiet time for a half hour while he draws or colors.

And even cooler – he’s starting to draw things where you can really TELL what it is.

Like this drawing.

He drew this at school maybe a week ago. When I first asked him what it was, he said, It’s a horse! And two GUYS!

But the next morning, it was a different story.

The horse was still a horse, of course. But the two people?

Had babies in their bellies.

We’ve been talking about how mommies can sometimes grow babies in their bellies, since my SIL and best friend are expecting and we wanted to prep Lucky for the new additions. I’ve always, though, related it back to him – told him that he used to be a baby in my belly once, before he was a big kid. He’s seen my belly pictures, though they didn’t seem to impress him that much. We’ve shown him the pictures of himself when he was a newborn, right after he was born.

So when he told me the people had babies in their bellies, I named them – one was my SIL and one was my best friend.

And he looked straight at me and asked, Do YOU have a baby in your belly too, Mommy?

I told him no. (I may have been, uh, a touch vehement about the no part.) And then I told him the last time I had a baby in my belly, it was HIM in there. And could he imagine if I had him in my belly NOW? He’d be WAY too smooshed in there.

And we laughed, and then moved on.

Either my kid is psychic, or the universe was trying to tell me something.

Or, you know, it was a complete coincidence. 🙂


My clinic usually calls with results between 3 and 4pm EST.

I’ll keep you all posted.



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  1. Just so so happy for you guys! WOOHOO!

  2. Wonderful 🙂

  3. Cece at 3 pm:

    Refresh refresh refresh refresh

  4. That’s so awesome, Serenity. I had all sorts of little connections and significant moments in the days leading up to my beta. Everything was coming together. I just felt ON.

    I think this is going to be good. : D

    (BTW, that is a really good horse head.)

  5. Can’t wait to hear the great numbers this afternoon. Sorry I haven’t commented it’s been a lot of insanity here. But I’m reading and following and hoping and praying.

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