Beta Results.

September 26, 2012 at 10:31 am | Posted in another cycle! (aka: deja vu), Pregnancy | 48 Comments

I can’t believe they called me so damn early today. Usually it’s afternoon.


Beta was 249 today.

I go back on Friday for repeat bloodwork, and if all goes well then at the end of next week they’ll schedule me for an ultrasound.

I am – officially – pregnant.

And so happy, I think I might burst with joy.



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  1. Sounds perfect so far! Another milestone achieved! YAY!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Official congrats are in order!

  2. Hurray!!!!

  3. Holy Shneikies!! I was away, and just catching up. WEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  4. Mazel, mazel, mazel tov. I’m so happy for you!!

  5. Yay!!

  6. Bursting right along with you, girl!!!

  7. I had a feeling you were going to be called before mid-afternoon. ; )
    Congratulations!!! I am so very happy for you. : D

  8. CONGRATS!!! That’s a wonderfully strong beta!! I am so happy for you and your family!!! I cannot wait to follow along with you, you guys deserve this SO much!


  10. Wooooooooo hoooooooo! So happy for you!

  11. YAY!!! Congratulations!!!


  13. So happy FOR you, sista, that I AM bursting with joy. With so many things wrong in the world it is even more profound when things are so right.

  14. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you get great news on Friday!!

  15. Yay!! I am so happy for you! I want to give you a hug!

  16. congrats! hoping for great numbers on Friday.

  17. Hell yeah! What a juicy number. Congrats, lady!

  18. Yes!!!!!!! You have made me so freaking happy!

  19. Woohoo!!! Congrats, that’s a great number! Enjoy every minute

  20. So happy for you!!!

  21. VERY good beta! Woot!

  22. Awesome!


  24. Great, strong beta! So happy!

  25. I have been reading your blog for a couple years… I have been there, wanting my second and not getting it. It has been such a heart-wrenching journey for you and I am just so completely over the moon for you… When I checked a couple days ago, I could not hold back the tears for you – (but I had HAD a feeling that this was going to be IT for you!) I am so so thrilled… wishing you a healthy and happy and long 33 weeks or so until you meet your new little babe… Just.. so… insanely… thrilled… for … YOU! Yes!

  26. Catching up — and so happy to read this!! Congratulations!! : ) : ) : )

  27. Woo hoo!!

  28. That is a fantastic beta number! To say I am incredibly thrilled and excited for you would be a HUGE understatement! (And I would follow that up with a gazillion exclamation points, but I will spare you)

  29. Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. So, so, so incredibly thrilled for you!!!

  31. Nice!

  32. Yay!! How many dpo are you??

    So exciting!! When is your ultrasound?

  33. Woooot!! This is so awesome and I am so happy for you!

  34. Wonderful! I’m feeling very optimistic ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Awesome news!!! So happy for you!

  36. YAY!!!!!!!!

    I am just SO happy for you. Words fail me.


  37. As I said to Keiko earlier today … BOOYAH!!! Keep breathing, friend.

  38. Wonderful number! I’m so happy for you!!!

  39. Woo-hoo! I’m SO super excited, stinkin’ happy for you!!!

    And a nice, strong Beta number, too!

  40. Congrats serenity! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Congratulations!! So happy for you all ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Congratulations on your wonderful news! I’m very happy for you too.

  43. Woooo!!

  44. Nice number. Congratulations!

  45. I am so happy for you guys. ((she smiles))

  46. Congrats

  47. So joyful for you!

  48. OMG. Well I think I might just be crying happy, joyful, THANK YOU to the UNIVERSE tears for the rest of the weekend.

    LOVE YOU. XOXOXOO (and I sent that card with no other thought than to say hello , it seems that our minds and hearts “know ” one another xoxoxo)

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