Deja Vu.

October 5, 2012 at 6:07 pm | Posted in another cycle! (aka: deja vu) | 23 Comments

Cramping this evening.

And then.

Red blood.

Not a ton.

But enough.

The doctor on call told me I could come in for a blood draw tomorrow, but that I’d have to come back on Monday. On a holiday, with Lucky because Charlie is traveling that morning.

I decided to wait it out until Tuesday’s ultrasound anyway, since that’s the best source of data we’ll get. The doctor on call agreed with me, but caveated that I needed to call her if I had awful pain or bleeding that soaked a pad within an hour.

This happened in November 2010, btw. Same exact thing.

It’s not looking good.



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  1. (((HUGS)))) Thinking of you and hoping.

  2. I am pissed for you that this is happening in the same fashion and making you feel like it’s not looking good.

    I applaud you for waiting it out but encourage you to go in tomorrow if you need data to help you get through the weekend. You could always have another draw when you are there Tuesday (or not). You don’t need 2 day apart results to be able to glean something.

    Holding hope for you.

  3. Oh honey. I won’t tell you the things you already know, because it doesn’t change the fear and emotions inside of you right now but know that I’m here keeping hope alive for you. Much love ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! I know it doesn’t look great but I’m going to keep thinking good thoughts. It ain’t over until the Red lady sings. Right now she’s just talking. There’s still hope.

  5. Sending you lots of positive, sticky vibes.

  6. Oh, no… I really hope everything will be okay. : (

  7. Ugh, why can’t it ever be easy? I’ll add my name to the chorus of those holding onto hope for you.

  8. Ugh, how scary this must be. I had a small amount of bleeding last night and still have been thinking about it all day today. It is amazing how much the memories of bad stuff in the past can come back so clearly at a time like this. Anyway, wishing you much strength! I know this might sound stupid, but I still have a strong feeling that things are going to be okay.

  9. Nooooo! I’ll be thinking of you and waiting for an update. Hang in there.

  10. Thinking of you Serenity and hoping for the best!

  11. Really hoping this is just a fluke.

  12. Oh no! Not okay, not okay. Waiting until Tuesday sounds so awful. I see the doctor’s reasoning, and yours, but still… I guess either by then the cramping and bleeding will get worse, or they will get better. I’ll be thinking of you. Keep us all posted, okay?

  13. Thinking of you this weekend and hoping all looks good on Tuesday and this is just a scare.

  14. I am gonna play devil’s advocate for a sec.. It COULD be that your progesterone is low.. In which case, that can be easily remedied by upping your crinone dose or adding in endometrin or even upping PIO.. I am saying TONS of prayers that this is just a one off thing and nothing bad is happening.. Have your blood done tomorrow AND have them do a P4, that way you can up the dose if need be. OR just for shits and giggles, up your Progesterone anyways.. EVERYTHING CROSSED FOR YOU GUYS!

  15. Holding hope, sending love.

  16. Prayers

  17. Prayers for you and know all too well the stress you’re going through. Sending all possible positive vibes in your direction!!

  18. Holding on to hope for you, Serenity. I’m catching up on blog posts … this has been such a shi$$y week for you. I’m so sorry about your mother, and about the struggles you are having with your family, on top of the worries about pregnancy right now. Breathe, friend. And hang in there.

  19. Crossing fingers. Toes. Everything. Wishing I could do more. xoxoxo

  20. I’ve had 4 pregnancies and have 2 kids. I had lots of bleeding w both kids including red blood. I had no blood or even spotting w either miscarriage. Hope this helps a little and praying in the meantime.

  21. (((Hugs))) I had bleeding with the twins. Hoping for the best. Xoxo.

  22. I went back and read the archives. It’s not exactly the same – much stronger betas this time. Hang in there. And good on you for waiting to Tuesday. Really no point going in before anyway, but you know that.

  23. I know it’s hard to hold on to any sort of hope, so I’ll do that for you. I know you’ll ultimately be okay no matter how this works out, but it sucks that you even have to deal with this. Love you. XOXO

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