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I couldn’t go on CNN yesterday, or turn on the news, or spend time on Facebook yesterday. So this morning, when I picked up my phone and saw the CNN alert that told me that President Obama had been re-elected, I had a sense of relief.

I didn’t hate Romney, nor do I judge people for voting the way they want to.

But I have heard the haters for YEARS now. One of the guys I worked with, the day after Obama was elected, started talking trash about him. I have some very conservative and politically active “friends” on Facebook. My parents are bigots AND conservative: When I was in college, my father told me at Thanksgiving I could bring anyone home with me – except for a woman or a black man.

(And no, I’m not kidding.)

Because of how I was raised – under my parents’ control – I have always gone outside and made my own choices. One of the most important tenets of my belief system is openness.

Being open to new experiences, new foods, new people, new ideas is SO important to me.

My biggest fear with this election was that the haters would win. It could be so easy to be influenced by the haters; to buy into the fear and paranoia, to fall into line because they screamed so loudly. Watching how people could awful, nasty things to each other on FB, to profess their opinion without any regard for the fact that other people might feel differently, and, you know, that’s OKAY… man.

It was really hard to watch. And I worried, yesterday, that the hate would win out, and that scares me more than anything.

So this morning, seeing that we re-elected President Obama – a man the haters have attacked from DAY ONE – gives me a lot of relief. Because it means that not everyone listens to the haters like I feared they might.

So, I’m feeling better. About the state of politics, anyway.


Charlie Brown got to be home for two weeks in a row as of last week; Sandy messed with his travel plans so he worked from home last week. It was wonderful to have him home, and on Sunday night I really didn’t want to say goodbye to him.

Lucky is having a hard time this week with his Daddy being back in Ohio. Every morning he’s asked me if Daddy was home. And last night, it took him nearly an hour to fall asleep, where 45 minutes in, I told him he NEEDED to go to sleep because it was late, and he responded: I want my Daddy. I want to tell him I love him. I want him to kiss and hug me and tell me he loves me.

Even though we’ve Skyped every night, it’s not enough.

Charlie will be home late Thursday night, so thankfully we’re on the upswing. But it’s been a tough week missing him, too.


I decided yesterday to stop at the polls to vote at the end of a 3 mile run. I’ve been trying to get back into running these past couple of weeks, with mixed results. My ankle has been painful – not awful, but achy – and I end up having to adjust my foot strikes to avoid the pain/weakness – doing a lot more heel striking.

Which has wreaked havoc on my IT Band – I’ve had a flare up of tendinitis, too.

Neither is BAD, per se. Manageable pain. Not enough that I need to stop running. But enough to make my runs a mental battle.

Yesterday I strapped on my shoes and went out, fully expecting a battle.

And there wasn’t one. I felt light and strong. And so I ran, and I was able to quiet the voices and appreciate my breath, and my legs, and my body, and how fortunate I was to live in a place where I get to participate in the leadership process. And I finished my third mile RIGHT in front of town hall, where I went in and voted.

I needed that run more than I can say.



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  1. My dad is like yours. I am the liberal in the family — also the only optimist; my brothers have both recently accused me of being idealistic, LOL! I think my dad blames D., because I was a conservative in college. The fact is that D. makes me a better, more open-minded person. D.’s dad and mine have both recently lectured us on not thinking enough about our children’s futures. It’s condescending in the extreme.

    When I told my dad that my brothers voted straight Second Amendment and “two out of three ain’t bad,” he didn’t see the humor. : P

    This weekend is the girls’ bday party. D. has already pulled the Obama yard sign for the sake of family harmony.

    Glad Charlie Brown is on the way home! It’s hard when kids begin to express homesickness or unease at the absence of a parent. This makes for long days and unhappy bedtimes.

  2. I have to agree with you on the ‘hate’ thing. While I disagreed with Romney across the board, I certainly didn’t hate him. The stress that they *might* win caused me to bite my nails down to the quick, something I haven’t done in 30 years. And, to wake up to those who lost comparing Obama to Hitler, it just pushes me over the edge.
    Our two party system has systematically created the state we’re in and we really need to address it.
    And, like you, I was raised in a conservative Republican household (my mother was a huge pro-life advocate as I was having an abortion in college for a one night stand mistake I’d made) as was my husband (and, in addition to our both being adopted, we are both socially liberal Democrats and I wonder how that happened!).
    I am glad your husband is home tomorrow night and hope you return to homeostasis easily.

  3. I had noticed that same thing, that many of my conservative friends were very negative toward Obama on FB, but my more liberal friends really didn’t say nasty things. I don’t know why that is. Luckily there hasn’t been too much hate on my news feed today.
    Glad you had a good run!

  4. HA…while watching television long ago my step-father actually said during a commercial that he would never buy (*insert item*) ever again because they had a “goddamn n*~~er selling it”. Seriously. He’s 92 now and our communication is rare at this point but I can’t wait to hear his reaction when I tell him my son’s new wife is a n*~~er and is one of the most lovely young women I know. It may kill him. (That and I may throw in the fact that I voted democrat 😉

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