Yeah. So.

November 24, 2012 at 2:15 pm | Posted in NaBloPoMo, Pregnancy Loss | 4 Comments

(Warning: Might be TMI. Feel free to click away.)



Five and a half weeks after my D&E, I am still bleeding.

I mentioned it to my RE at my follow up, during the exam, when she mentioned that I should expect AF within 4-6 weeks of the procedure. I asked, Does it count if I never stopped bleeding after the procedure?

She suggested that I go in for an ultrasound the following week, because, in her words, bleeding for this long is unusual. And an ultrasound will determine if I’ve retained some products of conception.

I have no pain, nor am I bleeding a lot – it maybe fills a thick pantyliner on most days. But it’s always there.

They couldn’t see me last week, with the Thanksgiving holiday and all. So they scheduled me for Wednesday 11/28 – a full 6 weeks after the procedure. At that point, a week and a half ago, I thought it might be tapering off, and my RE told me that I could cancel if the bleeding stopped.

Yeah. It hasn’t stopped.

I wish I could adequately explain just how discouraging it is to see blood all the time. How every morning when there ISN’T blood, I think: hey, maybe it’s gone. And then when I’m proven wrong, I am struck with how fucking unfair this all is.

I SHOULD be telling people we’re pregnant. Instead, I’m still. FUCKING. BLEEDING.

And with every spot of blood, I’m reminded at how much my body sucks.

This has been the neverending cycle.

I want off.



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  1. I’m so sorry you’re still bleeding. I know how frustrating and demoralizing that is. I developed an endometrioma after my one IUI cycle and bled every day until my lap to remove it 2 months later. It was salt in the already raw wound of the BFN. I hope you get some answers about it next week.

  2. Ugh, it is utterly unfair that you are still bleeding and I know it is a constant, evil reminder of what could have, should have been.

    I am sorry.

  3. Forgive my memory but did they do beta blood tests to make sure you got down to zero? I’d ask for that too if they didn’t. I’m sorry that the closure you need hasn’t come. It’s so hard when you feel like it is never ending. ❤

  4. This is just so unfair. So sorry, Serenity! I hope you get closure soon.

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