My Favorite Things.

February 19, 2013 at 9:28 am | Posted in Mama Bear, motherhood, Pictures (aka: my cute kid.) | 3 Comments

Please forgive me the bullet/list post today, but these are things I want to record and I have no idea how to weave them into a longer story.

Some of my favorite things Lucky says and does at Age Almost-Five:

  • When he pretends to play doctor, he tells me he’s going to check that my heart is “beeping.” Yes, Mommy, he’ll say. I can hear your heart beeping. Now it’s time for your shot!
  • Often I hear him say something that he’s not allowed to do, like throw a ball in the house. Let’s throw the ball, Bear! And when I remind him we don’t throw things in the house, it’s against our Rules, he responds: No, Mommy. Bear and I are only pee-tending.
  • Animals are AM-inals.
  • Whenever I ask him if he’s hungry and wants a snack, and he responds in the affirmative, I ask him what he wants. His response is ALWAYS: What are my choices, Mommy?
  • Whenever he wants to play with one of us, he’ll say, Hey! Guys! Who’s gonna play wiff me?
  • Bear’s birthday is March 1, and Spoochy’s birthday is March 17, the same as his.
  • Whenever we leave his room at night, and he’s not quite asleep, he asks us to “build him a wall.” Which, no lie, reminds me of my Pink Floyd obsession, but not what he means. What HE means is that we take all his stuffed animals (“Am-inals!”) and line them up on his pillow so that he is walled in – the real wall on one side, the “wall” of his stuffed animals on the other side, between him and his nightlight clock.
  • He is FASCINATED with adding right now. What does 2 plus 3 get to, Mommy? He’ll ask. And I tell him to count using his fingers, which he does happily.
  • The one time Charlie showed him that 4+1,  2+3,  3+2, AND 1+4 all equals 5, it pretty much blew his mind. 🙂
  • He discovered the Power Rangers this weekend, and now walks around with a light-up drumstick my sister got for him at Disney in his pants. He calls it his “Power Ranger sword” and asks me every five minutes if there’s bad guys somewhere that he needs to fight.
  • He says the red Power Ranger is his favorite, because he has a RED power rangers suit and a HELMET!
  • For his birthday party, he told me he wants me to make him a dolphin cake. No wait, a jaguar. No, Mommy, I would be SO happy with a CHEETAH cake!
  • We went shopping yesterday for his birthday party, and he picked out THIS HAT. All on his own.
  • Please ignore the pink eye, mmkay?


I can’t say it enough times or as loud as I need to. We are SO lucky to have him in our life.

And I cannot believe he’s going to be five next month.



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  1. I love that he picked out that hat! 🙂 Almost-five is an amazing time! Every day I am astounded by what she does!

    He sounds like not only a Lucky child–but a Lucky child to have you guys as parents!

  2. Aww, so many favorite things. And five will be even better and more, more, more of himself.

    Happy Almost Birthday, Lucky. Love the hat!

  3. I love posts like this. I think it is so important to capture the little things at any given moment because they change so quickly. (I said aminals until I was close to six- my Mum actually recorded in my baby book when I stopped doing it, so she must have been pretty excited!)

    Love the hat!

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